Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Three move checkmate - chess can be a dangerous game

Nearly a year ago, there was a bizarre and  grotesque murder not too far from us.  Two guys were playing chess and, it seems, an argument over a move ensued which resulted in the killing of one of the players.

Subsequent reports disclosed some especially disturbing details about the killing which you can read here, if you have the stomach for it


Obviously this guy was very seriously deranged, and shouldn't have been out at all...  never mind playing chess.   But when you consider the rather stuffy image of the game, it's difficult to reconcile a row over which way the knight moves (or some such) ending up in a horrible bloodbath.

Myself,  I think I will stick to Grand Theft Auto... just in case.

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DC3 said...

Good God! If there wasn't enough scum already...

hannibal said...

one towns very like another
when your lungs been eaten
by a motherf****n brother'

The Gombeen Man said...

@ DC3. Yes we certainly do. This one raised it up by a few notches, alright.

@ Hannibal. Don't Lecter, now!