Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fuerteventura, Corralejo and surrounds

Holiday in the sun!

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ponyboy said...

Nice - I feel like I've had a holiday myself after watching that. Nice touch the green socks. Ah well back to ripping out more partitions here in Mid France for me.

Lewis said...

Welcome back, you've been away far too long

The Gombeen Man said...

They're my patriotic socks, PB. Ha ha. Good luck with the good work.

Thanks Lewis... not back in full swing yet, but you never know!


Kamil said...

It is actually forbidden to feed squirrels in Fuerteventura (invasive species destroying local flora and fauna)

The Gombeen Man said...

They'd better form the Squirrel Police so, as every tourist seems to do it.