Thursday, 5 November 2015

Driving in Ireland - how not to turn right on a roundabout

This one's self-expanatory....   careful now!

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dirtybertie said...

Sure i always went right when pretending to go left and it did'nt do me any harm at all.

Lew said...

I was a professional bus and lorry driver over the years
One thing that was mandatory during the lessons/driving test was that when going round a roundabout we Always used the left lane, no matter which exit we were using.
Sounds really stupid and I did question it many times but unless we did it we didn't pass the driving test.
"Maybe" he was a bus or lorry driver and does it out of habbit
or "maybe" he was just a total idiot who doesn't look which lane he is in, let alone care about other road users.