Sunday, 18 May 2014

Racist attacks on People Before Profit candidate, Memet Uludag, election posters in Castleknock Ward

"It's much better than you, you stinkin' Irish pig!"
George Stone, character in film The Untouchables

"The cottier's cottages were built with local stone or turf and thatched with rush or straw. Many cottages did not have windows and chimneys. Windows, when they existed, were often too small for a man to put his head though. There was often, but not always, a hole in the roof to let out smoke. Ventilation was always bad. Pigs, poultry and other animals lived with the family, often sleeping in the same room."  
The Great Famine,

Ironic then, given the Irish association with pigs in terms of insults and historical connections, to see the following election poster for People Before Profit  election candidate for the Castleknock ward, Memet Uludag, defaced in this way.  Note that the Fianna Fail candidate above, whose party bankrupted the country, remains unscathed.

There were several of these spotted on Roselawn Road, Blanchardstown.  It seems some ignorant racist scumbag - or group thereof - targeted Uludag, a naturalised Irish person who is originally from Turkey, on the presumption he is a Muslim.

Never mind that fact that someone from a group such as People Before Profit is quite obviously a socialist and an internationalist, and is unlikely to have much truck with fundamentalist Islam or any of its "values".

Even when I lived in east London, during the hey-day of the BNP, I never saw anything like this.  

Amazing how little attention things like this get in the Irish media, and how little our otherwise forthright and opinionated chattering classes have to say on the matter of racism and prejudice -  so rife in Irish society.

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