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Bernd Biege's  Irland Inside .     

Harald and Andrea's (of News aus Irland) Irland Live.

The Wanderer's Irland Erleben 

Sustainable Energy Author Ireland (SEAI).  Tony McGinley's blog on sustainable energy in Ireland and attendant issues.

Nenad's Irisches Tagebuch.  Interesting German language blog - and quite a musician too

PuckstownLane's Blog - another critic of De Language's promotion

Little Skeletons...  a dose of Irish Reality

You've heard of The Vagina Monologues?  Well here's IrishCunts.  No shortage of candidates, of course.

Conversation, politics and stray insights from Slugger O'Toole

Telling It As It Is.  Some things we might not agree on, but some very well-put points on cultural nationalism.

A Viewpoint on Ireland an Irish ex-pat's take on the old country

Three Thousand Versts of Loneliness  A - sadly - rare link from a blog Down South to that of a liberal unionist Up North.

Mor Rigan's Morrigan Reborn

A Rovers fan's view Kick Out The Jams 

Fighting the good fight against the fascists in the north of England Lancaster Unity

Cutblade Bambi's anti-racist website  

Random notes from The Bossa Nova Sweetshop

A toast to AToast2Toast


Keeping an eye on the property market, the famous Property Pin

Slackbastard Andy's Anarchist web

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