Monday, 30 July 2007

Epic Sons of Ireland

An insider brought the following MySpace page to the attention of Gombeen Man. It's from a group calling itself The Epic Sons of Ireland who, it seems, have placed the Irish right at the top of the master race pecking order. This came as a surprise to Gombeen Man, who did his bit for the anti-fascist cause while living as an economic migrant in the London of the 80s and 90s. At the time, British fascists had an affectionate term for we Irish: "Bog Wogs". Gombeen Man - never one to be constrained by objectivity - imagines the authors of the site are spoilt Celtic Tiger Brats, living at home under their parents' feet.

Obviously, empathy with those who have had to leave their own countries in search of a better life is not a quality they could be expected to have.


This is the Official Myspace of ESOI, The Epic Sons of Ireland. This was a group created at first by Max Schutte and Joe Daley to oppose the large amount of non-Irish in our area. We hope to one day make this global. Josh Norton got the ball rolling by making a group, so due something about it... SHIT! This is not a hate group, us Irish are just better than you. One more thing.....


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Anonymous said...

You realize they are the greatest American group of all time? They have set a revolution here and all people of Irish descent in our town, and tri-state area have longed to be part of ESOI.

How dare you?!
How fucking DARE you?!

Anonymous said...

ESOI member (4:28:29 PM): Gombeen Nation got ESOI taken down?
Other ESOI member (4:28:35 PM): yeah
ESOI member (4:28:41 PM): Wow.
ESOI member (4:28:45 PM): Fuck them
Other ESOI member(4:28:48 PM): I know mann

Anonymous said...

ESOI loves and fully endorses Gombeen Nation.

Anonymous said...

ESOI thinks GombeenNation is a internet conspiracy.

The Gombeen Man said...

Great. I haven't had this many comments ever. Didn't realise anyone actually read the blog.

Anonymous said...

ESOI says your welcome.


Anonymous said...

ESOI reads EVERY blog.

The Gombeen Man said...

Very good, ESOI. They do say that lots of reading broadens the mind. Late one last night, was it? Just judging by your early-hours posts. Or are you an Irish immigrant in the US of A, or something like that?

Thanks for your comments. Very interesting - if a little repetitive - so I might compile a "best of" summary when I get a chance.

Anonymous said...

"Time" is irrelevant to the ESOI, for we are everywhere, everywhen.

Gombeen Man said...

Ah, I see.

Looks like your conspiracy theories are getting the better of you, ESOI. Gombeen Nation was not responsible for the removal of your blog.

Barack Obama for president!

Anonymous said...

How dare you delete the words of ESOI. Have you gone mad?

Gombeen Man said...

Well, Anonymous, there were rather a lot of words. I think I have left the most salient points intact though.

Anonymous said...

That's like picking a choosing what you want out of the Bible to make a point and ignoring the rest. Who are you, a Republican?

If not, feel free to join ESOI's political party, aptly titled "ESOIsm"

The Gombeen Man said...

Yeah, but as an atheist I would contend that the Bible is just a book of made-up nonsense, anyway. As is the Koran and everything else that would keep us in the dark ages.

Am I a Republican? Well, if I was a Yank, I imagine I'd vote Democrat. No fan of Bush Junior (or his pop, for that matter). I'm certainly not a Republican (large R) here in Ireland - as that title was defiled and debased by the Shinners, who are really just nationalists in the mould of fascist parties like the National Front and the BNP in Britain.

The only difference is that because Ireland's history was not as a colonial power - if you exclude its religous orders - they can claim to be on the side of the downtrodden. But it's still the same narrow nationalism that motivates them. In my opinion, of course. So, assuming that ESOI isn't running in the primaries, where will its vote be going?

Anonymous said...

Realistically, Ron Paul. But we're really hoping to get a large sum of people to write in the name of my dog, thus making me the master of the President.

The Gombeen Man said...

Oh right. Well, hope you get a groundswell of support for the dog. It would certainly be a vote for change, anyway. Could do adapting the same tactic here in Ireland, come to think of it.

Mind you, we've got a turkey running for the Eurovison Song Contest here in Ireland, so I suppose it's a start.

Good luck to Rover, or Fido, or Spot, or whatever he/she might be called!!

Pat Burke said...

What a shame that Gombeen Man hides behind the curtain of anonymity. In the matter of public critisism, it is vital to know who is doing the critising, so we may evaluate motive.
It is easy to be brave when you stand behind a wall.

There is much to be praised on the site but it loses much of its credibility when it is written by a man who fears to speak his name.

The Gombeen Man said...

Welcome to the blog, Pat, and thank you for your input.

To be honest, I don't think the fact that Gombeen Man doesn't advertise his full contact details undermines the blog's content. It's hardly unique in the world of blogging or web forums - in fact, it's commonplace. Even in the broadsheets, it is not unheard of - the IT's Drapier being an example.

I could easily say that my name is Sean Murphy, but would that satisfy your - or anyone else's - curiosity? A name in itself is nothing. It's not like I'm touting for business - this is just a sideline, and I've no desire to see torch-bearing mobs bearing down on Gombeen Cottage of an evening.

In a country where the brown envelope, the nudge-and-the-wink, the back-hander, the Ansbacher account, the tax scam, and property-portfolio-accumulating TD's (on the back of tax shelters introduced by the Government)are alive and well, surely it's not asking too much that a humble blogger employ the oft-employed convention of anonomity?

As far as motives are concerned, there's nothing mysterious. It's as explained in the blog's intro.

Anonymous said...

can anyone post to this ole blog?
Looking for the Sons of Ireland but found this instead..aye but I am a Grattan lassie

Anonymous said...

I think that you are a mick. That's what I think.

The ESOI cured AIDS. You would not BELIEVE that massive amounts of pussy I get when rollin' with this crew.

You drunken agnostic fuckwad.

The Gombeen Man said...

...right. You keep away from that fridge at night, mate.