Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Patricks Day trips for TDs... Is the party now over, though?

Given Bertie's dark pronouncements on the economy, it's probably just as well that TDs celebrated Paddy's Day last year by making enough hay to last them right through the developing slowdown. RTE reports, on information gained through the Freedom of Information Act, that some of them celebrated the feast day of our reptile-repelling saint - ironic, eh? - by splurging €560,000 on trips abroad.

Noel Dempsey, the man who whose failed attempt to introduce electronic voting cost the taxpayer dearly, led the slippery exodus. His trip to California, along with wife and three officials, cost €75,000 alone. Expenditure included €8,000 for a flight - presumably not Ryanair - and €19,500 for chauffeur and car hire.

Seamus Brennan, he who foisted penalty points on an unsuspecting public, bagged an apartment at €1,650 a night.

Gombeen Man will be watching festivities this year, hoping to see some evidence of belt-tightening, given the changed economic climate.

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