Monday, 1 December 2008

It's official: Bono's the artful tax-dodger!

Gombeen Man would like to extend his sincere congratulations to Bono on his nomination to New Internationalist's shortlist of "most artful tax dodgers" (see excerpt below)

"Irish minstrel and anti-poverty campaigner Bono joined the band of celebrity tax dodgers (which includes the Rolling Stones) in 2006, when it was revealed that U2 had moved its royalty income from Ireland to the Netherlands.

For many years Ireland had famously – and much to the benefit of U2 – not taxed the income of ‘artists’. Then the Government decided to set a cap of $200,000 a year – a fortune for most artists, but not for U2.

Ireland is itself a corporate tax haven and Bono would have done well enough had he decided to stay put. But the Netherlands offered a more competitive deal, partly through its link with the Antilles. Another band member, The Edge, pleaded: ‘Who doesn’t want to be tax efficient?’ "

Gombeen Man feels it is high time that Bono's tireless work in avoiding tax was given official recognition - especially in these challenging times, with the exchequer crying out for cash and more and more people being pushed into poverty.

Well done, Bono, we are so proud of you! You truly are a great Irish hero!

PS Don't listen to any of those begrudgers who say you are a hypocritical, posturing, pompous, sanctimonious, egomaniacal, little arsehole.

New Internationalist article

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Ella said...

Bono is one of these "lefty/alternative" artistes who considers himself as progressive, which is open to debate. Anyway, there is nothing progressive in the way he pays taxes or should I say the way he avoids paying them., ie., the principle that the more you earn or the richer you get, the more taxes you should pay. Bono, the "committed" anti-poverty campaigner was barely criticised for relocating from Ireland to the Netherlands so as to avoid paying taxes on his royalties. Yet, this "star" and campaigner against Third World debt demanded that the Irish government contribute more to Africa. Let me be clear, he is telling the Irish government how to spend our taxes whilst he does everything in his power to avoid paying them. It's about time people are waking up to the fact that he is a hypocrite, thanks for pointing that out Gombeen Man. P.S. I love the Blog.

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, Ella. He gets far too easy a time of it here. Anywhere else, and he'd be mercilessly ridiculed. Which is what he deserves.

Glad you like blog.

Mike said...

It is a condition of the licences awarded to most commercial radio stations in Ireland that at least 30 percent of the music (sic) they play is Irish.

Presumably being a Dutch band U2 no longer qualify for this artificial subsidy.

Anonymous said...

He is an inbred hypocrite of the highest order.I have heard a rather interesting story that they didnt write ACHTUNG BABY but ripped off the real author,a very talented unknown from Cork.

Anonymous said...

Ya but if the music is mixed here or any part of the songs process is irish orientated then it qualifies. For example Girls Aloud qualifies as Irish music cause it has an Irish member! or Bloc Party cause they recorded one song on their last album in Ireland! Its a joke and no support for actual irish music!! Joke of a country!!!