Tuesday, 28 July 2009

U2 residents protest - hopes that Stockholm concert might be disrupted

Hopes are running high in Stockholm that a concert by pompous, posturing hypocrites and tax evaders U2 might be disrupted by a residents' protest outside Croke Park, the site of their three latest Dublin gigs.

A spokesperson for the band, when asked three times on RTE Morning Ireland if the Swedish concert might be disrupted replied somewhat apocalyptically “it will be affected… It will be affected…It will be affected”.

Well, if that’s the case, the good burghers of Stockholm should be grateful. Number one, because they won’t have to listen to U2’s bland, boring musical and verbal drivel; and number two because they won’t have to suffer the construction work surrounding their monstrous stage set, a prop that would have put the pretentiousness and bombast of a 70’s stadium-rock supergroup to shame.

But then again, it is unlikely that Bono and the boys will be allowed cause the disruption and inconvenience to Stockholm's residents that they inflicted on those of their “home town” (though their “home town” for tax-dodging purposes is Amsterdam), as Sweden is a country that has respect for its citizens.

You see, because there is some Gah match on in Croke Park next weekend, U2 were arbitarily given permission by the authorities to carry out continuous 44-hour construction work on the stage set, with its ridiculous “claw” feature. That's 44-hours - day and night - of building site racket, in a high-density residential area. Needless to say, this did not go down well with the locals who were trying to do things like, erm, sleep - so the protest ensued.

Bono, true to form, rescued the situation (in his own mind) by indulgently giving an unhappy resident a signed playlist – though sane people based on Planet Earth might see that as rubbing salt into the wounds. "Again, thank you to the neighbours. Difficult times in the world, difficult times in Ireland," he preached at the concert. "There is a very special spirit in this country, it is a spirit that won't easily be broken."

Yes, Bono, the residents who stayed up all night and into the morning to protest against your presence might agree with you there.

Now, please, please, just f*** off and annoy someone else! Even if it's those nice people in Stockholm.

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Anonymous said...

guday SENOR G.M all this shows where irl is at these days its all BOLLICKS

The Gombeen Man said...

Sure is, bud. Just read that MCD, the organisers, were threatening to sue the local residents if U2 missed their Stockholm concert. Not cooooool, Bono, maaan.

Anonymous said...

Dear GM, this isn’t about U2- I met Rossport campaigners …. They’re amazed they have had scant press coverage. I suggested they get on a blog spot . Shell are setting up a dangerous pipeline in Rossport, mayo. Shell say “ no other country has been so helpful as the Irish Govt!” surely suspicious- it looks as tho Govt is giving away the nation’s wealth. Rossport protestors were jailed ( local people- across whose land the pipeline would lie!)- while Irish bankers NEVER DID. Only a few months ago a the campaigner’s boat was TORCHED BY MASKED MEN- with little press comment (!)- Echoes of Greenpeace & French Govt in the pacific- something that made global headlines 20 yrs ago. Why not give them a mention and a link. www.shelltosea.ie or .com. The site is extensive - the page that seems to describe the position best is the ‘explanatory page to the Norwegian nation.’ -Anna

The Gombeen Man said...

It is a bit off topic in a U2 post alright, Anna. But you've got point.

I have to say, when first I heard the Rossport protestors tried to stop work on the terminal by saying the Rosary in Irish I thought that Shell should just get out the machine guns. Two big black marks there, in my book. But I know that was immature.

The Irish Government was never going to take on the exploration of the Corrib Basin on its own, but they should at least ensure that if they give the rights to a third party - Shell - they accrue an adequate share of any finds made. Also, that we address our own chronic energy needs too.

And that the way the gas is utilised is done in a safe manner.

Here's that link: Shell to Sea

And anyway, what's Bono got to say about it?

Anonymous said...

I dont get it. Where is the Stolkholm connection ?

BTW MCD threatening to sue people is hardly a suprise. Its what MCD do (allegedly) !

The Gombeen Man said...

U2 were due to "entertain" the good people of Stockholm after the Croke Park gigs, Anon. So MCD were going to sue the residents if U2 didn't make it, or were delayed, as a result of the protests. That's my understanding of it, anyway.