Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and all that

Given the day that's in it, I've just been flicking through "There's Probably No God - The Atheist's Guide to Christmas", edited by Ariane Sherine.  A very good read I got from the sister-in-law. 

 There's a short story in it by Jenny Colgan, who expands on her idea of what Christmas is all about for the discerning atheist:

"In the northern parts of the world, the winters are long, and cold and dark, and people would get sad and miserable. So they have always in the very depths of winter, form the beginning of recorded time, celebrated light, and life, and the promise of renewal and new birth, just when they most needed cheering up.  

And they would store food, and eat, and drink and be merry.  And, in time, [I love all the "ands" - very biblical - GM] different cultures and creeds passed over the world, and changed and added to the stories about why we were celebrating, and said that perhaps we were celebrating because of a green man, or Mithras, or Sol, or that the Baby Jesus was being born, or because Santa Claus is flying over the world.  And now, like all the millions of people who lived before us, we too use midwinter to see our family and exchange gifts, and feast and be merry and carry on traditions from our ancestors."

Sounds good enough for me. 

Whatever your interpretation - merry Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

The same to you Mr GM.

I am just up from a feast of two types of meat on the one plate and not sausage and rashers either, FANTASTIC!.
No free cheese for me this time round but maybe next Christmas, who knows what fun the new year will bring.

Merry Christmas and etc. etc. to you and yours and to all the visitors to your blog.


The Gombeen Man said...

Sounds good, SH. I'm off down for a hot whiskey myself. Record low temperatures, you see...

Anonymous said...

Pure Wisdom: "to see our family and exchange gifts, and feast and be merry and carry on traditions from our ancestors." and that is it!

I have just had a house full or relatives with laughing grandchildren. Lots of Booze and talking shite (not of the political sort) and singing and dancing and people making fucking eejits of themselves (especially myself).

To see our families and exchange gifts sums it up. It does not matter about the religious and TV hype, whoever wrote this is a fucking genius.

I wish I could buy you a large scotch. Would Glenlivit be OK?

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, that would be grand. I'm not too fussy! ;-)