Saturday, 17 September 2011

Phoenix Park Station, all change for Navan Road Parkway.

Ever since Irish Rail's Phoenix Park Station - which serves the Maynooth line -  opened in January 2008, the few pedestrians visible in its proximity have been puzzled tourists and day trippers standing around scratching their heads.
You see, Phoenix Park Station is nowhere near the Phoenix Park.  Ok, it is nearer than, say, Limerick Junction; but in the acceptable sense - the sense acceptable to everyone other than Irish Rail - it is not near the Phoenix Park.  

 If anything, the preceeding station, Ashtown, is nearer.  Even then it is a bit of a ramble if you manage to get across the Half Way House roundabout alive.   But such is the state body we entrust to transport the nation.

Irish Rail (Iarnrod Eireann to give its official Gaelic name) has finally bowed to the inconvenience of reality, and given into public demand for a name change.  Henceforth it will be known as "Navan Road Parkway", as it has a park and ride facility and is situated on the Navan Road section of the N3.

Not to be confused with the M3 Parkway further up the line after it branches off for Dunboyne...

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John said...

Probably the same people named the station who were responsable during the boom for claiming that if you buy a house in Mullingar you are only one hour from dublin!!

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes John - "Mullingar Dublin West", as Mick O'Leary might call it!

But Irish Rail are something else, they really are. Take if from a long-suffering commuter...