Thursday, 20 October 2011

Problems with "Blogger" comments

Sometimes I wish I'd picked Wordpress when I was starting the blog, I really do.  But no, I picked Blogger

Blogger is the tool that puts the "blogspot" behind Gombeen Nation, but it can be very flakey.  I've had emails from readers saying they can't  select a profile to comment (even anonymously), yet some others have been able to do so. 

The only explanation I can come up with - not being a techie at all - is that some browsers will get around a problem Blogger is experiencing and others won't.   Looking at the blog's log, it seems that those using Firefox, for instance, can do so without problems.

After looking in the (very busy) "Blogger Help" forum, it was suggested that one way of getting around it is to do away with the embedded comment window that usually appears under Gombeen Nation posts, so I have done that.

Now, if you comment, you should get a separate window opening up, with the current comments to the left.     It's not as neat a version we are used to, but hopefully it will - at least - allow comments from all browsers to come through.

So if you've been trying to comment without success (and don't fit under the "spamming / trolling / nutters" category) that is the reason why.  I hope that you might be able to do so now. 

This should apply to previous posts, hopefully - though moderaton is enabled so there will still be a delay as before.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


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Harald said...

Hi GM,

switching from Blogger to Wordpress was probably the best decision I made since our Blog started.
In saying that, I never had a problem so far reading or writing a comment on your site, hope your problems are solved now.

The Gombeen Man said...

Cheers Harald. That's interesting to know. Have you had any problems with links to the new site, page rank, and stuff like that? I'm not the most technically gifted, I'm afraid!

Harald said...

Hi GM,

well technically I switched to a new name as well, so I did not redirect, but just set a post on the old page with the link to the new one. There is an option in blogger to support direct forward but I have been told you auire a lot of spamming using this option (also not a great technician...)
there is a very good tool in wordpress where you can import the whole blogger blog (including comments, pictures and all that stuff) into word press once you create an export file in blogger which is rather easy.
the main reason why i switched was the design end of things. Blogger improved recently, but in wordpress you have much more options, templates and themes (free and premium) available.
I think some other fellow bloggers also recently switched over to WP, maybe they would know even more about that as - again - I am not much of a tekkie ...

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for that, Harald.