Thursday, 24 November 2011

Darren Scully and Kevin Cardiff - a Comedy for Europe?

The Fine Gael mayor of Naas, Darren Scully, resigned his post last Tuesday after stating in a radio interview with Kildare FM that he “would no longer represent black Africans”.

He apologised “unreservedly” for his comments, saying “I realise now that my remarks were open to an interpretation that I did not intend. I abhor racism in all its forms”.

Bloody hell… what kind of a place is it? An elected representative, a mayor no less, saying he wouldn’t represent a particular grouping of constituents on the basis of their nationality and skin colour. What other kind of interpretation was there? And how could someone occupying such a position say something so obviously stupid, and think it was OK?

The last person I heard making such a statement was Derek Beacon, of the British National Party, prior to his council election in London’s Isle of Dogs back in the 90s. Scully, however is a member of the senior mainstream party in Ireland’s coalition government. But he’s not a racist, OK Ted?  Apparently there were people phoning  daytime radio programmes (not at work then?) to voice support for his remarks.   

It is hard to believe some of the stuff that goes on in this place. Between that and the senior civil servant in the Department of Finance who presided over the economic collapse of the country, and couldn’t account for €3.6 billion in his own Department, being nominated by the Government to the European Court of Auditors - with the full backing of supposedly new broom prime minister, Enda Kenny.

When Labour MEP, Nessa Childers, spoke out against Cardiff’s nomination she was told to shut up by fellow Labour MEP Proinsias De Rossa. She received dire warnings that she “could be sued” for Cardiff’s loss of earnings (a six-figure sum) should he fail to get the post. It sounds like something from the Haughey years, but this time the threats came from a smoked salmon socialist of the Labour Party against this own colleague.

Embarrassingly for the Government, and De Rossa, Cardiff’s nomination was last night rejected by a European Parliament Committee. Did they not see it coming? Or are standards so low here, that they expect the same to apply elsewhere.  Or were they just trying to provide some kind of comedy act to lighten the mood in these times of crisis?

In some other countries both Scully and De Rossa would be expelled from their respective parties. But here?

Best take that next breath when your face starts turning blue.

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Anonymous said...

To put Scully and De Rossa together is unfair. De Rossa supported Cardiff out of sense of loyalty to someone who he feels is being unfairly blamed. This argument may be weak but it is not malicious.

Scully on the other hand is expressing a pretty mainstream view from Ireland's facist party. I have no doubt that the majority of FG members support his position.

Anonymous said...

Remember Father Ted: I think the 3.6 billion is resting in one of his accounts

Anonymous said...

I'd say the majority of people of all political parties would sympathise with Scullys' opinions. Of course in this wonderful open society only certain viewpoints are tolerated. The real fascists are the PC clan and busy bodies trying to label any person who speaks out of line. If it were fifty years ago, these same groups would be screaming blasphemer and want to send free thinking people to institutions or abroad. Strange how this pathetic, horrible country never actually changes.

Anonymous said...

well written GombeenMan!

I really agree with this part:

"Or are standards so low here, that they expect the same to apply elsewhere."

- the situation is absurd and a new low. Has nothing been learned here? Ineptitude is rewarded instead of punished. Up is down, black is white (last time I said that was when watching the RTE Fianna Fail whitewash attempt)

Dakota said...

I'm still laughing GM, why would any Northern European trust anyone from the Irish Department of Finance? I know the land of saints and scholars will miss the remittance from the 1.6 million euro but, hey, them is the breaks.....

The great indignation at the refusal, GM....Really all we can do now GM, is laugh. If you do anything more than laugh and shake your head in disbelief, well it's not worth it. When you think you have seen and heard it all. This is just another one of those very "Irish" characteristics which don't translate into any other known language on the planet. Most if not all Europeans, even the southern variety GM, just don't get the Irish, they never really have. If asked they will say, oh yes charming, etc, oh, and we love your crazy craic, etc. But when they get back to the real world, they are as confused at the experience as I am with the cultural hegemony here on a daily basis.

It's an ongoing tragic comedy GM....Intriguing to think how bad on all levels this country will get in the years to come. It's as if the floodgates of unmittigated stupidity opened by the celtic tiger were never closed.

GM, apart from the remonstrations of MEPs such as Nessa Childers, if the rest of the "Irish" representatives in Euro Land had any sense, they would shut their collective mouths and say yes sir, no sir, and be happy with a pat on the head for good behaviour, when it comes to matters such as this. But no, the opposite, Big Paddy has to be the big man. As ever GM, the other Paddy, Mary and Mary's wife has to keep stum. It's everybody elses problem....Thoroughly stomach turning country....An unspeakably supine excuse for a nation.

Speaking of stum GM, WOW, I never thought I would hear one of the choosen race (the Irish) be so forthright about their views on minoritiy cultures (not the Irish, of course!).

Anonymous said...

Well, I think if poor auld Kevin had answered as gaeilge, shir be jasus he would have bluffed the shyte out of the lot of them,

They would surely assume that the facts and reality of the bozo speaking had been lost in the translation of this obscure language, a language the majority of his own countrymen would not understand either.

Ooh the celtic tiger really brought the scum to the top. There was a time we went out to shyte and came in to eat. Then we came in to shyte and went out to eat, its been downhill since.

The Gombeen Man said...

It's interesting that two posters seem to think that Scully's comments are mundane enough to constitute a majority view among the members of Ireland's 'fascist party' (presumably FG not SF)/and the "majority of people of all political parties'.

Do the "majority" of Irish people find such remarks acceptable then, I wonder? So much so that it's considered PC to think a mayor refusing to represent black people is somehow wrong? Is this where we are at?

Anon 12:01 evoked Father Ted in response to the real-life shenanigans that go on here... something I find myself doing all the time. Art imitating life in Ireland.

Toast talks of new lows, and I agree. And that prat De Rossa is still going on about steamrolling Cardiff in, seeingthat his attempts to bully Nessa Childers backfired.

As Dakota indicates, she's the only one who comes out well from this. And yes, the rest of our "representatives" involved in this fiasco should just stop drawing attention to themselves.

Withdraw Cardiff, even if only to save further embarrassment. Europe's tolerance levels of our little idiosyncrasies are not what they were...

Last Anon - "There was a time we went out to shyte and came in to eat. Then we came in to shyte and went out to eat, its been downhill since."
Love it!! Have to remember that one.

anna said...

I Was told Off the record that DS May have been inspired to this by certain ( non irish ) constituents turning up at his home, demanding help, behaving aggressively etc BUT this does not mean that all people from those regions are aggrssive: in fact i note a Shocking amount of agression among people brought up in ROI, far more than i see in NI. And as an office worker I only see the verbal side of it. I Find it Hard to believe DS never saw aggression from Irish people- my friends taxi driver son was dragged from his car and battered when he asked a fare from 2 Irish people he left to Clondalkin. In the recent news was a 25 yr old Irish woman who Deliberately ran over and killed a man she had a dispute with , a skanger cutting off an artists fingers etc etc...Dreadful violence and Escalating among native Irish!!!
As far Kevin Cardiff, comical! yes Irish people can't see that low standards here are NOT the norm elsehwere

The Gombeen Man said...

And let's not forget that there is a murder investigation taking place after a Nigerian taxi driver was killed on Pearse Street this week.

John said...

Was offline for the past week, GM, interesting that on Sunday morning coming into the Monday was beaten so badly that he was left on life suppport, Moses Ayanwole (41), married with a 12-year-old son, died in St James's Hospital in Dublin yesterday. R.I.P
I feel ashamedas an Irishman.

The Gombeen Man said...

Good to have you back, John. I share your feelings entirely.

If there turns out to be a racist element in this attack, it won't be the first one in the area.

Now, I wonder is come local councillor now going to refuse to represent Pearse Street residents?

anna said...

Yes RIP Moses - a hard working man who just wanted to support his family. About 9 yrs ago a Shocking near murder happened on Pearse st- English mixed race couple has just arrived in Dublin that eve, or previous one - for a holiday (!!!!) Local skanger took exception to seeing a black man walking with a white woman, battered him, shocking loss of blood- his wife said his body felt Cold from the amount of blood that had to be transfused in.He lived. Same man went on to kill a 15 yr old boy in west dublin last year. Yes I Agree GM man- are any FG councillors now going to say they won't represetn Pearse St any more??

Anonymous said...

"There was a time we went out to shyte and came in to eat. Then we came in to shyte and went out to eat, its been downhill since."
I quite like that, when I was young it was written with an i (as in shite) since when has it been written with y or did that come from the Celtic tiger too? Makes the word look more posh!


Anonymous said...

I used "shyte" because I thought using "shite" might get rejected by some some new fangle anti-shite software. Nothing to do with the celtic tiger or being posh.

Not trying to claim any credit but always saw the celtic tiger as a shysters and gangsters paradise. When ever I gave such an opinion I was ridiculed and told I was living in the past. I was not being a begrudger. I just wanted the country to be developed in a more enlightened manner when we had resources, instead of crawling into the gutter of the popular, celebrity, trash, gombeen culture. I am bitter to some extent as I am now being forced to pay for their bullshit.

Democracy ceases to exist when you take from those willing to work and give to those who are unwilling to work.

Anonymous said...

The Irish will never change,especially the catholic Irish, I am Irish btw.. Alcohol Abuse is seen as a virtue, gombeenism also. Haughey got a State funeral after robbing the place blind. The IRA,UDA,& co are nothing but murdering cartels. The Catholic Church is nothing but a corporation. The Irish people themselves are to blame for all this but sadly they lack moral courage so they escape with alcohol as Michael Davitt said.