Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tesco Grolsch offer sign of times ahead?

It looks like Roisin Shortall has had her way in increasing the cost of "low price" beer.  To save us from ourselves, you see.  And simultaneously raising yet more taxes, of course.

The (badly taken) pics you see were captured at Tescos Maynooth.  They boast of 300 ml Grolsch 12-packs on offer for the princely sum of €15.  Or, if you read the small print which you can't really see due to my challenged snapper skills, €43.44 per litre.  

OK, Tesco's mistake - but it could be an awful portent of things to come given our government's penchant for taxation, and Shortall's stated desire to increase it on booze in particular.

If it comes to that, we may as well plump for Sweden as an emigration choice in the years ahead.

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dub said...

Congratulations Roisin. You have just paved the way for a new alcohol black market in Ireland.

The Gombeen Man said...

If she gets her way, Dub, I forsee a lot of traffic on the M1. Especially if we end up kicked out of the Euro and back with Sterling.

Ella said...

All music to the VFI (Vintners Federation of Ireland). I'm sure they are behind the push to introduce mininmum pricing for alcohol and Roisin is happy to oblige.

dub said...


True, I bet shes delighted with her "job well done" pats on the back from the vinter lobbyists.

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, our friends the vintners do, indeed, support Shortall's proposals. They are only proposals at this stage, but you know this will come about eventually.


Ella said...

@dub & GM - yeah, there you go then, Roisin Shortall, the political wing of the VFI.