Monday, 27 August 2012

"Unlucky 13" car registrations to be magicked away

The Government and the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) have put their heads together and worked out a plan to boost car sales in Ireland going forward.

Never mind the fact that, due to punitive government taxation in the form of VRT (which can see some cars sold in this country cost over 40% more than in Britain, for instance), most people living in Ireland can simply no longer afford to buy cars.   Never mind the fact that road tax can cost multiples of road tax in Britain and elsewhere.  Never mind that we are heading for the €2 litre of petrol - the lion's share consisting of tax.

The Irish Government has decided, with the help of lobbying by SIMI, to do away with the "13" prefix on next year's registration plates, on the basis that Irish people - clever sophisticates that they are - might see such an arrangement of digits as "unlucky".

SIMI - which might more appropriately stand for Spineless Irish Motor Industry - has consistently failed to tackle the continuing scandal of Vehicle Registration Tax in this country.  

Too many of their members selling second-hand cars would be loathe to see half the residual value of stock on their forecourts wiped out by the scrapping of the tax - never mind that fact that more affordable cars would surely see increased new car sales, and would mean that Irish motorists would trade their cars more frequently, as they would not take such a hit on depreciation each time they did so.

But no, let's ignore the big smelly elephant taking centre stage in the room - a mammoth Irish talent.  

Instead, let's have some superstitious meddling with next year's registrations.   

Fingers crossed, touch wood, and all that...

Government 'set to scrap unlucky 13 car registration'

It has reported that the Government is to bring in a new licence-plate system next year amid fears that a '13' registration number would negatively impact on car sales.

According to the Irish Independent, cars registered between January and the end of June will have a '131' registration.

Those registered from July 1 to the end of the year will have '132' on the plate.

The decision is said to be based partly on fears that superstition about a '13' registration plate would affect sales and partly in response to the motor industry's plea to spread sales more evenly across the year.

Alan Nolan of the Irish Society of the Irish Motor Industry has welcomed the proposal.

"70% of new car sales occur in the period January, February, March and April, the first four months of the year," he said.

"So the industry has to find funding, and God knows that's difficult in the current climate, staffing and other resources to deliver that huge volume over a short period, and then for the rest of the year it is almost like 'deserted village' level of activity in new cars."

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DB said...

Hmmmm. SLIMEY would not be using the pretext of There Is Superstition to sneak in two reg prefixes a year, would they?

The Gombeen Man said...

Looks like it, DB. I was away between last Thursday and Sunday and a reader drew my attention to this one. Looks like they are using hocus-pocus to bring in twice-yearly reg changes, like they have in the UK.

Only paying twice as much of course.

Anonymous said...

On the ball here alright . There is also the bright idea by Hogan that you cannot leave your car off the road for a period without paying the back tax. I am leaving it off the road anyway whether Hogan likes it or not. I have decided to use my wifes car when I really need it. The car is a tax mobile really. Tax on petrol at 70% and road tax amount to about 3000 a year if you spend 70 euros a week on fuel. I am no longer interested

Dakota said...

They can't even get that right, the number in question is 2013 NOT 13. Despite the obvious immaturity (IRISHNESS) of this proposal, it really does, clearly, and succinctly demonstrate exactly why Ireland was ALWAYS a BACKWATER. The British had the measure of this country 1,000 years ago. The natives could never rise above the SURFACE OF BOG WATER.

GM, VRT is akin to STAMP DUTY both are VOMIT AND IRISHCENTRIC. VRT would not be tolerated anywhere else in it's Irish form. It's an obviously DRACONIAN PUNATIVE TAX...Is there anyone still left who can seriously say to me that the Irish are not THICK???? The best boy in the class and poor victim charade fools no one anymore.

Oh and you think the STEALTH TAXES stop there GM? Nooooo the very capable coalition Government (DEBT COLLECTORS) are to introduce the PROPERTY TAX through your income. Hence, making it an income tax in all but name. OF COURSE, IT WILL ALL GO TO THE BONDHOLDERS EVENTUALLY and sweet fanny adams to local Councils (which would waste it anyway - a double bind). NO REFORM, A COMPLIANT DOSILE POPULATION AND PENAL STEALTH TAXES = ECONOMIC STAGNATION and INCREASING STAGFLATION.

The time for demonstrations and reform was 4 years ago. LLLLLOL.


Oh and just to add to the air of surrealism the ESRI/KBC said today that everthing is alright, REALLY, IT IS. Consumers are soooooh HAPPY...Another lesson in BAD TIMING AND OBVIOUS SPIN FROM A QUANGO...

Bernd said...

And I was looking forward to get a registration like ... 13-DL-666 ... damn!

Tango said...

Well put GM. What another greatest load of shite from the geniuses in this country. I for one, not that I can afford one anyway, will most definitely not be buying a stupidly registered 131 or 132 car. I've never heard such complete nonsense. 13 is 2013 no more, no less. Feicin eegits!