Friday, 8 February 2013

Mother Teresa one step closer to sainthood after appearing in fried egg

What a week. 

 The Other Half was bitten by a dog while out for a peaceful walk in the countryside and the PC was incapacitated by a virus pretending to be the police looking for €100 to be sent to a bank account in Russia. 
Top tip:  don't turn off your anti-virus software for even a millisecond, no matter how annoying the update-caused chugging of your CPU.  It's not clever.

Computer viruses are no fun, and any solution you will see online will be a load of shite.  You'll only end up taking it to the computer guy in the end, after a whole evening of farting around following forum blind alleys. 

This one was picked up from a dodgy video streaming site - I saw it happen.

  When I say "dodgy", I mean "dodgy" insofar as it wasn't a video streaming site showing Hollywood blockbusters for freepence, it was a bogus site.   Not "dodgy" as in the type of site a certain kind of priest might visit.
And now that we're conveniently onto matters religious... 

You will recall that Mother Teresa - friend of murdering chemical companies and assorted dictators, and accordingly beatified by the last Pope -  passed on into the hereafter some years ago?

You might, therefore, be surprised to learn that she recently moved one shuffling step closer to sainthood by appearing in the white of a fried egg a reader was preparing.

If you look to the right of the pic (left) you will plainly see the Wrinkled One gazing serenely outwards.  You can even make out the pattern of that famous tea towel worn humbly above her visage on the detail pic (right).

Bless yourself and genuflect, for it is surely the final sainthood-clinching miracle.  The decider for the boys (for they are boys) in the Vatican.

Gombeen Nation is proud to have been chosen to spread this wonderful news...  a sign that things are looking up after recent travails and torments.

And another world exclusive.

They will be bulling at The Irish Catholic.

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Sunnyside-up-Boy said...

looks more like Eggs St Benedict from a certain're right tho - it's a sign from Above heralding the new dawn for Ireland and an opportune time for the Irish people to come out from under the yoke. Great post for a Fryday.

The Gombeen Man said...

Oil go along with that, PB.

Seriously though. If you look at this image for about six hours - preferably with a few cans of beer for company - you can plainly see that the two bits of egg either side of the tomato are, in fact, clouds parting before the sun revealing a bright new dawn.

They even start to move after a while and MT shakes her right fist and mouths the words "come on Ireland".

It is uncanny.

Is there any way of making a few bob from this, I wonder?

Jim SprEggs said...

Beat(ify) the egg..

DC3 said...

Eggtraordinary, I can see Apophenia, with a certain hint of many contemporary primitive cultures debasing the individual, and allowing chaotic and insane principles to be the norm.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Jim, DC3, PB. You're a witty lot, good to have yis on board the Good Ship GN.

I had to look up "apophenia". I'm going to remember that one and casually throw it into a conversation. ;-)

BTW. I'm beginning to think it's not MT, but "herself" - OL in semi-omelette form! Isn't that the swaddle-clothed Babby J she's cradling in the left of the pic as we look?

Right. No more Stella.

Pnnyboy said...

I think it's herself too GM and your reference to her revealing herself (so to speak) to your through the brain scrambling medium of Stella ties in with this miraculous image of her singing that lovely lullaby "Ave Stella Maris" to the BabyJinkus coddled up at his position on stage left.
PS nice to see you stretching our brains DC3 - I still haven't been able to work out what it means but am going to break out the BFO OED tomorrow and find out.

DC3 said...

Pnnyboy and GM...Eggcellent

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like this GM

Especially your Dublin barman who's amazed that Paddy can speak Chinese!


The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks Redneck. I'll have a look - I'd heard about it alright.

PapalBoy said...

So that breakfast was a prophecy after all- Ex Benedict

The Gombeen Man said...

Brilliant, PB.

Anonymous said...

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