Sunday, 9 June 2013

Senator McDowell wants to save the Seanad

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The not-so-surprising, not to mention unedifying, spectacle of senators campaigning against the abolition of the Seanad is a bit like turkeys voting against Christmas.

Doyens of democracy such as Michael McDowell are all promising dire consequences if the Senate is abolished. 

 The Senate is, of course, an inherently elitist  undemocratic institution – its members are voted for, not by the public, but by various interest groups.

Others are chosen by councillors, and some are simply appointed by politicians.  The standing prime minister, for instance, can appoint eleven senators.

It is a talking shop full of wafflers and inadequates (with the notable exception of Ivana Bacik) that has no real power, and can only delay Dail decisions.   It is a also a handy depositary for  failed politicians such as McDowell, who was rejected by voters at the 2007 general election.  

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Senators are paid an annual salary of €65,650.   There are expenses on top of that, of course.
  • Between January and March of this year, senators sat for only 29 days.
  • The country's national debt is something in the region of €200 billion.

    (All data from Sunday Times, 2/6/'13).

Not only should the Senate be scrapped due to it being elitist and undemocratic –  it is a politicians' comfort blanket we can ill afford.

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dirtybertie said...

mcdowell- the last sting of a dying twat!

dirtyberty said...

by the way, perhaps im mis-remembering, but was this not the great "democrat" who once said "that inequality was necessary in society"?,no wonder the oaf loves the seanad.

The Gombeen Man said...

The very one, dirtybertie. If we only need one reason for getting shot of that glorified talking shop, it is him.

mick said...

what about yer man norris?, i cant read ulysses because of him, jaysus!, another elitist spoofer stuffing his well fed face at the public trough.

DC3 said...

Quick enough to find Emergency legislation to nationalise a Bank...The PPPPEEEople are not at the races.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Mick. True enough. Sometimes he's more Finnegan's Wake than Ulysses. And that's saying something, isn't it?

@ DC3. Priorities, eh? They can rush through stuff when they want to.

F said...

Maybe they're like a cult or summat!!

anna said...

Dear GM man - RE a previous post on Garda penalty points, that Ireland should replace harp with ostrich head in sand symbol- Yes!!! why not make up an Irish flag and put it in the middle and put it on blog masthead??

The Gombeen Man said...

@F. How are things? Can't see that link though!

@Anna. You could be onto something there! I might well do that if I get a bit of time.

F said...

Things are good la .. btw.. have you got tickets for the liverpool/celtic game? .. w8 i renew the link >

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for that, F. Three-quarters of an hour, so the missus and I will have a look at the weekend. Bit of viewing for us... No tickets but will have a look if on TV. Now if it was Leeds I might get up off my arse! Here's to Brian McD!!! You know he's a Sligo Rovers fan, natural forces bless the mark??

F said...

Personally I don't rate McDermott as a manager, but then I don't rate Brendan (the blag) Rogers either. I do rate McD's canny signing of Matty Smith on a free though. I hear he has his eye on a couple of others too this summer. Lets hope youse can make the play off's next season :D 'We'll paint your white rose, RED RED RED .... YNWA