Monday, 7 October 2013

Seanad stays - Irish democracy elects to keep undemocratic house

De Peeple  have spoken. 

The “upper house” of elitism and privilege will stay.  The chamber whose members are selected by 1% of the population and by political cronyism  – otherwise known as “appointments” (See Irish Times graphic above).  

A chamber full of dead wood and dross – graced now and in the past by heavyweights such as Ivor Callely, Donie Cassidy, Jimmy Harte, Bertie Ahern, and Michael McDowell – rejected at the polls in his last general election outing.

Most of  De Peeple I am acquainted with never stop banging on about our corrupt and useless political class, yet when given a gold-plated opportunity to put a few of them out on their waffling arses arrives,  De Peeple elect – the only such input they have ever had into the Seanad – to keep these wafflers in jobs.


The Dublin chattering classes have much to answer for.  Even so-called “left wing” commentators such as Fintan O’Toole called for a “no” to abolition of the anachronistic upper house.   For once, the culchies led the way by voting "yes"  – from this perspective anyhow – as a clear urban/rural divide saw the city slickers vote “no’ decisively.

Irish democracy has thrown a fundamentally undemocratic institution an unexpected lifeline.
It gets curiouser and curiouser.


John said...

"Senators were paid allowances of over nearly €150,000 for August when the Seanad had only one day of business".. so reports the Irish Examiner. Interesting that the city of Dublin wanted to retain this institution, while outside the pale, it was a No. Most of the electorate were not arsed either , seeing the low turn out.I am perplexed...GM..

dirtybertie said...

ahh.....sur didden de people want to show de chancers in de dail bar who was de boss by keepin anudder shower of chancers goin' in de seanad bar showin' de world once more how sofis..sofas...ehhh... how smart de average punter is.

DC3 said...

oh sooh sophisticated yeahhhh no mean yes. heeeee haaa hooo hooo haaa

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, it's a strange little land indeed. And De Peeple are stranger still!

Present company excepted, of course.

Jim Spriggs said...

It's going to be "reformed" by allowing all third-level graduates a vote. So no vote for me, in other words. Some democracy.