Saturday, 23 February 2008

Dustin the Turkey wins Eurosong.

Maybe there's some hope for this place after all?

Dustin the Turkey was cock-a-hoop after being voted ahead of all the other turkeys in Ireland's Eurosong competition tonight - much to the disgust of right-wing politician and Seventies Eurovision warbler Dana, and the man responsible for Boyzone, Louis Walsh.

The two sat po-faced as the public's phone vote was announced. There hasn't been such a shock result since Ted and Dougal raced past the winning post some years back with the equally controversial "My Lovely Horse".

The lyrics of "Irlande Douze Points" include the line "Give us another chance, we're sorry for Riverdance". Gombeen Man thinks it's high time the Irish issued an apology to the world for this prancing orgy of Paddywhackery, which has caused us far more embarrassment than Dustin's plucky entry ever could.

Go on ya good thing!!!

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Mila said...

To say that having a turkey represent Ireland in Eurovision is flipping the bird is a load of gobblers. I've been a housewife for nearly 40 years, and this is the first Dustin I've enjoyed. I think having him go to Eurovision is a real feather in Ireland's cap. This bird in the hand is worth two of anything else out there. I haven't watched Eurovision for a good while, but this time I'll definitely be watching the birdie. After hearing how Bertie feathered his nest, we could all do with a bit of light relief and this is it.

The Gombeen Man said...

I agree, Mila. I, personally, don't think Dustin can be basted.

marine101 said...

Unfortunately my friends i have to disagree.Although i will say its very fitting that we have a turkey representing this backward country in this years eurovision.We have a turkey running it for Gods sake! I wont lose sleep over it though as the eurovision gets worse every year...i wont surprise me in there will be another hand puppet entry.