Friday, 29 February 2008

Keane has pop at Cork compatriot Miller

That's the great thing about running a site like this - no shortage of raw material. In fact, the problem can sometimes be keeping up with it all.

The good thing, though, is that given prominent Irish personalities' propensity for coming out with plentiful pronouncements of a hypocritical, hyperbolic, histrionic and - erm - bullshitty hue (apologies for ailing alliteration), Gombeen man need never worry he'll run out of stuff to do.

Speaking of which: isn't it ironic that Cork crackpot Roy Keane, ex Man U midfielder and current manager of struggling Sunderland, has placed Corkonian cohort Liam Miller on the transfer list? It's not that long ago that Keane - who once gloated about a possibly career-curtailing tackle he committed on a fellow professional, and engineered his own departure from Ireland's World Cup squad in Saipan - was paranoidly accusing the FAI of dislaying bias against those who hail from his native county.

The perennially underperforming Miller was cited as an example by Keane:

"It definitely doesn't help Liam Miller. If he was (from) further up the country, I'm pretty sure he would be in the Irish squad. I don't just say these things. There's no doubt in my mind that Liam Miller being from Cork certainly doesn't help him." (Irish Times, March, 2007)

Evidently not, Roy. Not even with fans like you.

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