Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Small Firms Association seeks cut in minimum wage

Small firms want to pay their workers SFA

It seems that the Irish Small Firms Association (SFA) has called for a one Euro cut in the current minimum wage of EUR 8.65 an hour. Apparently the present rate is "symptomatic" of "Ireland's high-cost, uncompetitive economy", according to that body.

Funny. Are these the same small firms that have been robbing us blind all through the boom years, with their rip-off prices and take-it-or-leave it service? And in a country where the State gives numerous tax breaks and support to Irish business? And in a country where the overwhelming tax take comes from the PAYE sector?

First rule of capitalism... have a viable idea. If you can't pay the wages, you don't have one, and shouldn't be in business anyway.

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