Saturday, 5 July 2008

VRT "Green Tax" deadline rush

Apparently, there was a sudden rush to buy upmarket cars in the week before the supposedly "green" changes to the criminal, Irish government double-tax known as VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax). Which, by the way, is vigorously defended by our self-styled "free-market" Commissioner Charlie McCreevy. (Plenty more on this laughable shyster on these pages.)

It would seem that the "wealth creators" - they are defined as such by those with a penchant for simplistic right-wing economic theory - didn't realise until a few days before the changes that they were about to occur.

But then again, Gombeen Man has always had a cynical view of our far-from-dynamic business class, and those who have become rich by sitting on their arses in their overpriced houses, using existing capital and tax shelters to inflate the market, and receiving inheritances from their deceased parents' resultant inflated properties.

Bitter? Who? Me? Not at all. I Just wish they'd appreciate their wealth for what it is - good fortune, and not the result of any innate enterprise.

Q. What do you call an Irish entrepeneur?
A. A publican.

While the Yanks produce the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, we've got Dan Lowry and Scruffy Murphy.

VRT, McCreevy, Lisbon and the "no" vote

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Anonymous said...

My favourite one is that the Prius is in Band E but because it fits in with Green ideas it was €20 000 cheaper after the VRT change in July.
It still produces CO2 in the band E category but it is the thought that counts.

The Gombeen Man said...

Good one that. I'm waiting for a Porsche 911 with a token hybrid system to come out!