Saturday, 6 September 2008

Wish I wasn't here

That's it. Enough.

Between Lisbon "no" voters, "European Army" conscription theorists, Little Irelander racists, Gaelscoil educational system imperialists, skangers, builders pulling Puppet Cowen's strings, the continuing scandal of VRT, Bono, and everything else, it's all become too much. Then throw in the most miserable Summer ever - one that that makes the backdrop of Angela's Ashes seem Mediterranean by comparison. So...

Gombeen Man is off on two weeks hols - and no, not to the Gaeltacht. And he's not going anywhere near an Internet cafe, either.

Who knows what's going to happen in our little gombeen land when he's away, but for two weeks he won't care. Anyway, there's sure to be plenty to write about when he comes back.

In the meantime, those of a questioning, critical persuasion could do worse than check out the links on the bottom left.

Cheers for now!!!!

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Anonymous said...

im sorry but i find your entire blog a complete nonsense . Absolutely inane and full of self loathing for your own country . It doesnt make any remote sense . Its perfectly normal and healthy for Irish people to play gaelic games and speak and learn Irish , because they are Irish . Its not that big a deal yet you are outraged .
In my opinion you need help . Please stop writing and just move to england , as thats who you clearly wish to identify with and seek approval from .

Anonymous said...

Have a good Holiday - Brave man to tell the truth

The Gombeen Man said...

First Anonymous. Gombeen Nation was set up precisely to piss off small minded, Little Irelander bigots like you.

Your last, stupid statement - with its implicit narrow definition of Irishness - says it all.

Second Anonymous. Thanks. Sometimes you just need a holiday from this place!