Friday, 17 October 2008

The Budget, the Irish Government, the construction industry and the enabling public




Gombeen Man has observed the tendency of many bloggers to become more bitter, twisted and cynical the longer they keep up their sites. Difficult, in GM’s case, you might well say… but is it any wonder?

This blog has been going for 15 months now, and as much as I might bilefully pummel my keyboard here in Gombeen Manor, the fact remains that the majority of Irish people are as thick as two very short (and) fat planks. This does not – of course – apply to the small and exclusive cadre of Gombeen Nation readers.

When I lived as an economic refugee in London between 1986 and 1995, I always reacted with vigour if anyone made a disparaging remark about my accent or nationality. But you know, I now believe that Bernard Manning and company might have had a point. We’re thick.

We have had a “patriotic” budget that sees us all paying a “levy” on our income, has increased the cost of motoring in a country where public transport is not an option for many, has taken the automatic medical cards from the elderly, has upped hospital charges, has increased VAT, and has even increased the immoral DIRT tax.

But to cap it all, and to confirm that Fianna Fail is bought and controlled by the property developers, it is introducing a “Home Choice Loan Scheme” which will give Government loans to first time buyers at more competitive rates and multiples than the banks will give.

Think about it – even after the financial crisis and bank bail outs, this Government is going to loan more irresponsibly to people than even the banks will! Only on newly built properties, mind, as the construction industry lobbied them to do this so they can sell off their unsold apartments.

So once again, this arsehole Government – voted in by arseholes – is going to continue meddling with the property mess it has made in the first place. No wonder building lobby head piper-payer, Tom Parlon, is reported to have walked with a spring in his step in Buswell’s Hotel prior to the budget being announced.

It’s unbelievable – it really, really is. In Metro yesterday morning, there was a letter from “Dave” saying he wasn’t going to vote “yes” to Lisbon should it come up again. The funny thing is, if they had another general election tomorrow, the self-same idiots would rush out and vote the same corrupt Fianna Fail government in again.

So, is there any explanation for this other than sheer stupidity?

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Anonymous said...

People in Ireland vote the way their grand parents voted. It will never change.

The Gombeen Man said...

Sure might well have a point, Anonymous, but if so, it's a pretty sad state of affairs.

The Government can walk all over them, and the stupid fools will keep voting them in.

So much for being a nation of rebels, as some of a patriotic persuasion like to see things.

A nation of arseholes, more like.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you but what are the choices. FF and FG are indistinguishable in terms of incompetence and untrustworthiness and most of the rest are barking!

However I suppose if we did vote the encumbents out at the end of each predictably pathetic term then eventually they might start to raise their game. The problem however is as anonymous said above, the brain is switched off come election time and the tribal loyalties take over.

The Gombeen Man said...

I see what you're saying, believe me. I think party politics is a bit too cosy in Ireland, and the opposition seem happy to confine themselves to petty sniping and opportunism rather than offering a real alternative.

But yes, you are right, if they got kicked out now and again, it might make some sort of difference. Even if it only means they have to extract the urine from us a bit more subtly!

Bernd said...

One question that always raises its ugly head in my mind ... is Ireland the only democracy north of Zimbabwe where seats in parliament (de dail) can actually be inherited?

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes Bernd - the same old names and families keep cropping up, don't they? If mum or dad was a TD, it's just a shoo-in!