Friday, 9 January 2009

Ding Gone Dell

Gombeen Man has every sympathy for the 1,900 workers in Dell, Limerick, who have found themselves summarily dismissed by conglomerate greed. Surely this is only early days in the trend that will see yet more US multinationals up sticks in favour of better offers elsewhere?

Did we really think it could last, as our cost of living was driven upwards by inflationary Government policies? And given how much workers now have to pay for their humble apartments and semis, bought during the boom, could they really work for peanuts?

The EU is carrying out an investigation into state aid from the Polish government which, along with lower wage costs, attracted Dell east. But is there not an irony in Labour senator Alan Kelly saying "It is important that when Ireland is seeking to attract and retain major employers, we are operating on an even playing field".

An even playing field? Corporate tax rate of 12.5%, anyone?

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