Saturday, 3 January 2009

Lack of morals is the usual story

Should anyone be surprised that Mayo TD, Beverley Flynn, continues to pocket an independent TD’s allowance, despite no longer holding that status? Flynn was readmitted into Fianna Fail by fellow shyster, Bertie Ahern, last April, but continues to draw the independent’s allowance of €41,000, on top of her €106,581 salary. And it’s perfectly legal, you won't be surprised to hear.

According to the Irish Independent, she can continue enjoying the extra 41 grand until 2012, because she entered the Dail as an independent. However, some people feel that it might be appropriate for Flynn to forego the extra cash on moral grounds. Erm… morality and Beverly Flynn in the same sentence?

This is the same woman who advised people on tax evasion when she worked for National Irish Bank. She then attempted to sue RTE for libel, when they reported her transgressions, and eventually lost the case. She then paid less than half of the legal costs she had accrued.

But this is Ireland, and such people are venerated rather than despised, and accordingly, 6,779 of the good folk of Mayo saw fit to give her their first preference votes in the last election. What does that say about them, and Irish standards in general?

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Ella said...

Hi GM, keep up the stirling work, it's much appreciated. Did you realise that not alone does Ms Flynn get her independent td allowance of EUR 41,000 but that it's tax free too.

The Gombeen Man said...

Why thank you, Ella. Thanks for that info... I wasn't aware of that little detail. It doesn't surprise me though, given the propensity of the political class here to feather their nests. Salt? Wounds?

Anonymous said...

She has morals. They are just her morals.

The Gombeen Man said...

Good point.