Sunday, 9 August 2009

Skanger me Banger - Darren's top tips.

I don't know who Darren (or Andy Quirke) is, but I did steal a picture from his blog on Missed connections at the Palmerstown Bowler.

From the same source, I think it's worthwhile having a bit of light relief here on Gombeen Nation, and for that reason I'm featuring Darren's guide for "skangering your banger".

I suppose it is a Dublin version of "Pimp my Ride". But remember we have VRT here, which the bros in the cribs on MTV don't have to contend with.

Anyway, have a look - it's amusing. But turn down the sound a bit if you're at work, wha...?


thing fish said...

I believe that Andy Quirke could be the brother of yer man who was ridin' Rosanna Davidson, i believe their ould boy owns the dr quirkey's good time emporium on o'connell st.

funny vid though

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for that, TF.

the watercats said...

he lit that joint the wrong way round!... does nobody research any more!.. ggggaaaaahhhhhh!