Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Skangers at Marlay Park - Paula's Metro letter.

Interesting letter in this morning’s Metro from Paula, who describes herself as a “former proud Irish woman”.

Ah you see, Paula, that’s the trap to avoid alright: being “proud” of your nationality, because nothing is more groundless. You can’t help where you’re born after all. But, conversely, neither should you be ashamed – as long as you have your critical faculties about you and can marvel at the grotesque reality of Irish life.

But onto that letter which struck a chord with Gombeen Man. At a time when prominent, privileged, silver-spoon-fed voices are calling out for minimum wage cuts for honest, decent people who get up off their arses to do a day’s work; it’s timely to consider that plentiful Irish species, the Skanger, who was a drain on the country’s taxpayers even during the years of near 100% employment, and continues to be so now in the recession.

Take it away Paula:

I was at Marlay Park on Sunday and all I can say is if the army had dropped a bomb on the place, Ireland would be out of the recession!

That’s because all the skangers abusing the dole all these years would have been wiped out, as well as all the skanger single mothers claiming free housing, child allowance, single mothers’ allowance and many more allowances.

I have never seen so many scumbags packed into one area! I was surrounded by fighting, vomiting and bottle-throwing “people”, not to mention wobbling flabby stomachs and celluite – L’Oreal would have had a field day!

I felt so annoyed that this country tolerates this type of behaviour – there were no police, no security, nothing! Those pigs
[the skangers, not the police - GM] were allowed to absolutely run riot.

No wonder people are dying on our streets from vicious attacks. And it’s purely because the perpetrators know they’ll get away with it.

I’m sickened! This country has gone to the dogs.

Well Paula, I can’t remember it being any other way to be honest, and I imagine I'm older than you. Skangers are something that we Irish have always done very well. I've unfond memories of the boating lake in Butlins, 1977. Upturned boats, people being hit with oars, roaring skangers… carnage in general. It’s nothing new. But fair play, you’ve seen the light and you have articulated your Marlay Park experience very well.

And I can tell you that I have heard confirmation of the same from a work colleague who reports cars outside the park being vandalised by cider-slurping skangers (as the police drove blithely by in their squad cars), and five stabbings in a special "reserved" area near the stage, where the skangers managed to infiltrate. A great day out for all the family, eh?

Anyway, not often you see a sensible letter on in the Metro. Well done Paula.


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Ella said...

Hi GM, I love the picture, even though you it nicked from Darren. Ah yes a true skanger, nicking stuff!

The Gombeen Man said...


Bernd said...

First thought ... that wgirl in the picture is definitely a reason to go gay. Second thought ... looking at the guy ... celibacy might be the only option.

On the other hand it looks like a "let's pretend we're sifisticated like de Dubs" summer party here at the back of beyond. Minus the Burberry, of course, would be a John Deere cap here.

The Gombeen Man said...

My thoughts exactly, Bernd. But celibacy isn't always the best option in Ireland either. Ask any priest ;-)

It's worth clicking that link to the source of the pic - it's quite amusing.