Sunday, 13 September 2009

Garda Credit Union - piggy bank debts increase

Despite the glad tidings, as reported in today’s Sunday Times, that gardai (police) received a total of €333m in “extra payments” (with one of them pocketing a pay top-up of €80,990) along with an overtime payout of €115 million, it is distressing to hear that some of them still manage to get up to their blue serge oxters in debt.

Indeed, it seems that one of the force’s biggest credit unions, St Raphael’s, has been compelled to take out court judgements against 20 plod who owe it almost €1 million, with one of its members – composed entirely of coppers and their families -attracting a judgement €187,716 against him/her, according to a piece in the Sunday Independent.

Stand by for another surge in overtime claims.

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Anonymous said...

hi there gm it seems everybody is scamming something in irl, what a great little nation,i expect to be invited to the diaspora summit next week to have my brains picked by a bogshite F>FAIL GOMBEEN expert, i intent to mention this obscene garda behaviour and NAMA,LISBON, HARNEY ,COUGHLAN,BIFFO,CARROL SEANIEEN,BERTIE,BISHOP CASEY THE GAA, BORD BAINNE, BORDNAMONA AGUS CIE ETC ETCshould be a busy and rewarding trip perhaps we can organise a protest march on behalf of the much maligned bankers and builders and auctioneers, what say you mrGM are you onboard ? cheers

The Gombeen Man said...

Ah, the summit. And cynics might think McWilliams is only doing this to keep in the public eye, as he's nothing else to talk about now.

Count me in on the protest march Mr BH. Deffo! I think its the very least we can do as a token of thanks to those gifted movers, shakers and entrepreneurs who created the Irish Economic Miracle.

In fact, when I get into work I'm going straight to HR to demand they take what's left of my wages and put it straight into NAMA! ;-)

Lew said...

After allowing for that one huge amount, and averaging the rest out amongst the remaining 19 Gardai, means they owe an average of €42,752 each.

Why on earth would a credit union lend that kind of money?
the only thing I can think of is a house purchase/build, surely they'd get a morgage for that?
If the money was lend to fund a house purchase/morgage couldnt they just claim the house?

or do they get special treatment because they are "Gardai" ?

Anonymous said...

GM, I just LOVE the "piggy bank" heading - lol.

bigphathar said...

An Garda Síochana are human like the rest of us: I suspect a few members got caught up during the heady days of the Celtic Tiger and borrowed money to build an apartment block in sunny Bulgaria, Lithuania or Turkey.

After all, property prices only ever go up, right?