Friday, 25 September 2009

Ireland is a great little country

Sure isn’t it a great little country? Isn’t it?

It’s great if you’re the dodgy retiring head of a dodgy State body, as you’ll get a big “golden handshake” of public money - even after you’ve already wasted shedloads of it on junkets and waste. And if anyone asks any questions, don’t worry – you’ll have the backing of the Government.

It’s great if you are the head of a venerable Irish financial institution, as you can run it into the ground and engage in all sorts of questionable practices and get the Government to bail you out, then still get a €1 million bonus on superannuation.

It’s great if you are a tax-dodging, hypocritical popstar, as you can spout all kinds of sanctimonous shite about saving the world and helping the poor while pontificating on what portion of the country’s tax takings – which you studiously avoid contributing towards - should be spent in relation to developing countries, many of which are more morally developed than here. And everyone will still think you’re great.

And the great thing for those in positions of power is that the half-wits that constitute a great proportion of the Irish public will continue to vote for corrupt and unprincipled leaders election after predicable election. Any student of the bankruptcy of patriotism and nationalism need look no further than Ireland for a case study.

There was one such half-wit on Matt Cooper's show yesterday being interviewed about Lisbon - apart from Declan Ganley, I mean. Some thick-as-shit Joe Sixpack type who opined “I’m voting 'no' because I want to keep my Oyrish nationality. I want to keep my Oyrish citizenship and not have EU citizenship”. Apparently our Joe had read the Treaty and unearthed this gem which even the lying proto-fascist lunatics of Coir/Youth Defence had missed. Sometimes I despair, I really do.

Well, as far as I know, Lisbon is not about throwing our home-grown corrupt politicians out of power. It’s not about introducing a fair taxation system and French, German or Belgian-style levels of public healthcare. It’s not about direct rule from Brussels to save us from ourselves. It’s not about giving us an opportunity to relinquish our narrow nationality for the right to refer to ourselves simply as European. It’s only about streamlining the internal workings of the EU to enable it to function properly with 27 member states. That’s all.

But despite those limitations, I will still be voting Yes

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Anonymous said...

QUITE RIGHT MR GM no question perhaps the greatest ever we are so fortunate in every way worldclass all around,naturally there are the usual begrudgers, like our good friends with bad teeth across the eyerish sea refering to irl as a corrupt bankrupt,bizzare, joke shop, the bloddy cheek of them, iwould remind them that their MPs quit just for fiddling a few thousand quid our lads have more tenacity they fiddle millions and never quit, they should mind their own business and drink their warm pissy beer have they ever heard of refrigeration IAM MAD NOW, iam off to WAXY OTOOLES for a few NAMA SLAMMAS ,ABDOOL the owner fell in love with IRL when ishowed him where it was on the map. UP DEV

The Gombeen Man said...

Too true, Mr BH. The fact is that those dirty sassenachs have hated us ever since the famous Irish greyhound Master McGrath (1866-1871) won the Waterloo Cup three times on British soil.

Thankfully this plucky victory is celebrated in song throughout dear old Erin and with Master McGrath monuments at different locations in our great little country. And now the Saxon foe has another reason to resent us... our economic genius which is the envy of the world!

Anonymous said...

AH YES MR GM 1866 WAS THE YEAR DELANEYS DONKEY WON THE HALF MILE RACE here in beverly hills, those were the days when eyerland had so many over achievers nowadays we have buffallo BIFFOand his side chick holy mary,iblame those godawfull brits they drained irls gene pool and left us high and dry with the likes of DEV CJ BOLLIX BERTIE BIFFO we areF%%%%%%%%ed CHEERS. WARNING dont drink any nama slammas they are toxic

Anonymous said...

The joke is... vote yes and you will have the sassenachs crooked former Prime Minister ruling over ye all when he becomes President of the EU...Mr Tony Blair.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Anon. Anyone but B-B-Bertie the Bollix.. even Blair!

@ Mr Beverly Hills. You're a gas man, I'm laughing here. Brilliant!

Ella said...

Hi Mr GM and Mr BH, breaking my shite here laughing at the pair of you!

The Gombeen Man said...

I think myself and Mr BH share a similar outlook on many things, Ella.