Sunday, 14 March 2010

David Barrett's Irish National Party: Newstalk debacle ends name-change dilemma

It was a nice dilemma while it lasted for Ireland’s most recent budding, openly-racist, mass party.   Or so he/they liked to think.

The problem with naming your fantasy organisation the “Irish National Party” (INP) is that it sounds as though it might have quite a lot in common with the “British National Party” (BNP).  Most people might have spotted that one coming, but not our master race of white Irish nationalists.

Of course, being associated with a party that peddles racism, promotes bigotry, tells lies, conducts racist attacks, and blames immigrants for all of society’s ills, might not be a problem.  But one having the word “British” in the title definitely is. 

So a name change was needed.  And like any good fascist party, based on good dictatorial principles, the INP put it to a poll.   Now I can’t imagine Hitler ever doing that – smacking as it does of indecision and weakness! See below:

I’d go for   “Sciath na hEireann” (“Shield of Ireland”) myself.   It’s relatively short, and might just about fit on an armband.  What’s more, it has a nice mythical ring to it.  You could almost imagine Cuchulainn himself roaring it out as he charged into battle with old Erin’s foes.  Or Odin, even.

But what’s this?  It seems that the INP’s website has disappeared from the web since its prime mover David Barrett’s (pic right) fateful slot on Newstalk last week. 

On the programme, Barrett tried to tone down the overtly racist “values” of his putative party in much the same way that the BNP try to present an air of respectability to the public nowadays.   Sadly for him, he was caught out when the presenter repeated a couple of things he’d posted on Facebook.

Gems like:    “the dirty Jew that lives next door to the parents was in her garden today with a hose washing the patio, there’s a f*cking water shortage! And people wonder what Herr Hitler had an issue with.”   

And:   “Wier mussen die juden austrautten!” (sic)  -  Presumably a very bad Babel Fish translation of   “We must exterminate the jews!” 

So much for respectability then.   And one other thing: despite the proposed name changes to the tongue of the Gael – presumably for what he sees as added Irish authenticity - he doesn’t speak it.  

Ooops!                     Big thanks to    CutbladeBambi

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Anna said...

Í was going to ask if this is April 1st- but on looking at Cute bambi, I see there is plenty of this stuff out there,incidentally i was in an internet cafe a few weeks ago google searching for Gombeen Nation and I DID find a mention of GN on one of these sites, didnt look too closély at the site, it was mostly anti immigrant...anyway the line that came up ...'Gombeen nation is an ireland hating website...and gombeen man clearly hates his own country...'
...But surely someone should set up a Society to Save the Irish ( language) from Scum Bags- if someone is not using it to dodge court fines, its as a cover for this racist nonsense..

The Gombeen Man said...

"I was in an internet cafe a few weeks ago google searching for Gombeen Nation and I DID find a mention of GN on one of these sites, didnt look too closély at the site, it was mostly anti immigrant...anyway the line that came up ...'Gombeen nation is an ireland hating website...and gombeen man clearly hates his own country..."

No, they don't seem to like me for some reason, Anna. Sure I've had some hate e-mail from them too.

Oh well. Can't please all of the people...

Anna said...

I looked again for the site i mentioned above- actually it might have gone, as i did not find a direct response to the line above( roughly -'GM cleárly hates his country as he is pro immigration' or something like that)
I found this- which i am writing in a way that is not clickable, as use should not be encouraged- www. save ireland . blog
THis one Says it DOES approve of GN on issue of Irish language- a real waste of time the language is, says this scum bag, the real issue is foreigners, tho he did not use the word 'foreigner' it mostly refers to people of 1 colour, Russain foreigners are OK- the site's title is actually Translated into Russaian- as it seesm , ever since the USSR fragmented, certain Russians, found themselves in severe poverty & found refuge in racism, so site is evidently looking for Russian supporters, .won't waste anyones's time describing this - shocking racism & bile, even to Irish women ( stop working and get into the kitchen)
It's not low intelligence is it?- it must be a kind of mental problem? people who have a big problem growing up, or feel frightend at heart- and who only feel worse at times of global crisis/big changes in their country?.Still they should be treated: setting up/ supporting these sites hsould be seen as a clear an indicator of mental illness, as pulling on a cockade hat and sying you're Napoleon.

The Gombeen Man said...

Oh, yes. I think I got an email from the guy behind that site. I think the fact that I was critical of Islamic fanatics in a post(as I am of Catholic and protestant fanatics - any religion's fanatics, in fact) confused him a bit.

I'm not sure the fella is all there, to be honest with you... he was going on about Jewish conspiracies and the like. Protocols of the Elders of Zion stuff.

Paul said...

Smash the Fash!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Sad to think such delusion may take away from serious debates, such as unemployment, emigration etc. What are they on about?


Ella said...

I worked in Tower Hamlets in 1993 when Derek Beacon became the first BNP councillor ever to be elected. 17 years on, they now have 56 councillors (out of 22,000) and 2 MEPs, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. It's scary watching support for this party grow. They don't like anybody unless you happen to be both white and British. I certainly remember they were quite partial to a bit of Paddy & Mary bashing, particularly around 17 March. And now the INP or whatever they choose to call themselves are trying to style themselves on this lot. We should all stand up and say no, there is no place in Irish society for a political grouping of this nature. Because if we don't.... we will all pay the price.

Ella said...

Hi GM, I forgot to say excellent post
@ Paul, can't argue with the sentiment.

The Gombeen Man said...

Couldn't agree more, folks. Got to squeeze the spot before it becomes a big, nasty boil.

moogle said...

Pissing in your pants about the rise and rise of the BNP...

The Gombeen Man said...

Not at all. I just think it's a bit sad, and also points to a failure of mainstream and so-called "left" politics. A lot of the BNP's support comes from the alienated, white working-class.

moogle said...

"alienated, white working-class" yes perhaps that was the demographic but it is clearly now a stereotyped view with their support finding a broader reach.

The Gombeen Man said...

I love the irony of being accused of "stereotyping" BNP members/voters - given the fact that they choose to specialise in this area. In fact, when I lived in London years ago, they were just as likely to engage in "Paddy"-bashing as "Paki"-bashing. A fact Irish racists might like to contemplate.

The YouGov survey into the BNP vote backs up my earlier contention. See below:

YouGov Survey into BNP vote

Anonymous said...

I believe there is in fact a place for a decent party of the right in Ireland to oppose mass immigration.
And anybody who tries to make out that to be against mass immigration and racism are the same is, well, out to pull the wool over the peoples' eyes.

So how come then, according to the Liberal Elite everybody who opposes mass immigration is a Racist, a Fascist, a Nazi - or all three???

Anonymous said...

Seems you are anti white mrs gombeen, why do you hate white Irish, what did we do to offend you?