Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Paddy’s Day is great, isn’t it?

Had the day off, and the roads were relatively quiet on account of so many going to the parade in town. Bliss.

But that’s not such a patriotic blog entry for the day that’s in it. So let me do my bit for the Paddy’s Day Industry and bring your attention to that symbol of real Irishness, the National Leprechaun Museum.

Last Tuesday’s MetroHerald had a 60 second interview with Tom O’Rahilly, a director of said concern, and he had some insights on the subject of Irishness.

It seems that the museum is the “first-ever visitor attraction dedicated to the world of Irish myth and opens up a magical world of fascination folklore and enchanting stories. The 45 minute experience will take visitors to the heart of Irish cultural identity and imagination.”

So there you have it. Leprechauns are at the heart of our cultural identity, along with Riverdance and those annoying pipe things that people in Aran sweaters play. And bodhrans.  And the GAA.  And the Catholic Church. And "De Language". And all the shysters in the Dail.

And it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

I’m off to the fridge.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Anonymous said...

guday GM iam soooh proud and excited iam walkiing on air having just seen the two greatest leaders in the WORLD both from our own little old county offaly,in the words of that great banker philosopher SEANIE FITZ the world looked on in astonishment as the oirish worked the global scene, the solidarity amongst oirish elites and their less fortunate diaspora leaves all with such a warm glow we might even get a vote in the next century as they say in kerry its soooh totally awsome,of course there ARE those that view this sudden solidarity and inclusiveness with suspicion and say that we are being haunted by a bunch of bankrupt jackass gombeenS 24 carat a$$$$$holes on the make and hoping to call us tourists by summer to fill empty hotels rip us off with taxes to pay foriegn bond holders ,WHAT A GREAT LITTLE NATION too bad about the high concentration of a$$$$$$$$hls CHEERIO

Anonymous said...

Begorrah begorrah tis isnt it a grand day! Everything is good in the land of the emerald green field. Sure dont you know that?

Welcome to BRAND Ireland............Its what the Irish do best..............


Anna said...

I had a great day in town , i came in late tho, just got the last parades, ( particularly liked the Donegal one, wonderfully coloured banners, costumes, particpants in this group were mostly African/ Asian Donegal residents, 1 thing i like about foreigners coming here is that they will raise the calibre of thought and protestin Ireland, as few non irish people docilely accept the crap irish people do,anyway really enjoyed the day, I will come in V early next year to see it was lovely to see people just walking about enjoying themsleves, i did not see much heavy drinking at the time i was in, just peopel being happy in the sun shine, this really would be a gret country if not for the idiot ruling class. anyway must see that leprechaun museum , i alwasy DID wonder where those ideas came from...

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Mr BH. Look at what's happened to Seanie now! Is this how they reward Ireland's movers and shakers!!!

@ Dakota. To be sure, to be sure ;-)

@ Anna. Good point about our new arrivals being more likely to protest and object - maybe there is some hope. Glad you didn't experience the usual St Pat's Day carnage in Dublin.