Sunday, 20 June 2010

Watch out, piggies about!

There's never a policeman/woman around when you need one.   The other day, I noted  a red Garda gatso van with blacked-out windows on my travels, on the road between Leixlip and Maynooth - the R148. I thought it might be an idea to go out there with a camera and snap them in the line of duty today, but alas, they were not there.  Typical.

Now, I am as much into "saving liiiives" as the next person, so I can only congratulate the Garda Siochanna for hiding in their covert vans to clock people going a few k/mh over the limit in pursuance of this noble aim.  There's a slight niggle though.  Surely, if someone is driving dangerously, the coppers should be out stopping them, rather than hiding behind blacked-out windows to take their reg number?  Just a point. 

You'll see them, on occassion, near the bridge opposite the Carton House entrance before you reach Maynooth. 

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anna said...

Deam GM apropos your last post, i have just phoned da fuzz - 15 mins ago- and await their arrival while sun soaking on sandycoave beach, yes i was on the 40 ft, so why did i move round the corner? ...among the sea gull cries my trained naturalist ear detected the squacks of the Teenage Spotted Irish Scumbag..a flock( 15) descended right beind me...Ok said nothing, tho not haappen with the way they kept Screaming at each other. Then one screeches,"she's thrown up" I turned round- a young girl had thrown up on the ground in front of her, no effort to move, or clean herself! or the concrete. I immediately got up - look i did not mind the screeching too much - but not this. The young scumbags male friend was screeching'She had 4 cans before she left the house!"I said can you not drink in your own home- and not annoy people?"I said I would phone the cops, changed beaches, borrowed a mobile and did so. Girl at garda station sympathetic, I said can you just stop them going here to drink ( on my way past them i noticed the wicked bottles + cans) - they could be doing that all summer. I also said it was my first time going there sunbathing probably for more than 5-6 yrs. The scum bags seemed to have showed up After the sandycove bathing asocaitiian volunteers & the lifeguards had left. WWUGI? those Morons think one of the oldest, most frequented & most popular beaches in the county is just the VERY place for a bit of knacker drinking- ok they were on the 40 ft side, its the sandycove side where i am now that has all the tiny tots; never mind that: I may no longer need the protection of mum, dad + water wings...but I do need to be protected form such uncouth scum. NO apology, nothing.
Idyllic yes, I will b here every day i can...and will phone da fuzz every time i see these scumbags about, why put up with it??Don't we have a police force?

anna said...

...and needless to say we need da fuzz patrolling around violent estates / areas where drug dealing goes on to save us all form the most violent scum ( moronic teenagers i can just tolerate- providing they are not vomiting on Dun L's best beach) ...

anna said...

SORRY TO LITTER BLOG WITH COMMENTS-BUT WHATS GOING ON???:A 27-year-old man has been killed and a woman was injured in a stabbing attack at a house in Waterford. Skip related content
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Man dies, woman hurt in stabbing
Enlarge photo .A 24-year-old man was arrested in connection with the death in the Glen area.
The attack happened at about 5.30am on Sunday morning.
Medieval city Waterford 20/6/2010- Pop: 50,000-70,000; No it's the garda - its politicians who ignore the huge violnet undeclass here, not enough garda around to be effective

Ella said...

Hi GM, if the Garda were interested in saving lives they would not place speed checks on perfectly good stretches of road, but rather on accident blackspots where people have been killed or injured.

The M3 opened recently and I use it for my daily commute, I travel from Dublin 15 towards Trim and turn off before the toll. This stretch of motorway is 100km, but whilst returning home in the evening in the opposite direction, the speed is 120km and guess what I've already seen 2 speed checks on the motorway section which is 100km on the way out of Dublin. I've been travelling this road for 8 years now and have yet to see a car crash where they now choose to position themselves. Saving liives indeed, more like a money spinner for the government and convictions on personnel records of Gardai (if a driver is driving well in excess of speed limit).

The Gombeen Man said...

That's right, Anna, Ella. Don't they have anything better to do with their time?

The Picaroony said...

We need an Irish version of The Wire so the world can see how things really are on our little soggy green lump of paradise.

Ella said...

Hi GM, nearly went arse over tit in the car this morning with the shock of seeing common sense prevail, an all to rare event in this country. The stretch of M3 motorway heading out from Dublin, turning off for Trim is now 120km, as it should be.

Anonymous said...

Its scary.