Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Manor Park Homebuilders: tugging on the heartstrings of apartment-dwelling parents

“Even a child knows what a house looks like…”

So say Manor Park Homebuilders in their full-page Castleknock Gazette ad, as they attempt to drum up interest in the undersold Barnwell, Hansfield, development in Dublin 15.

What is the message here? That the poor sods who were frightened into buying shoebox apartments by the builder / banker / government / media propaganda of the boom years – the “you won’t be able to get on the property ladder if you wait any longer” kind – have been well and truly hoodwinked? 

That poor little Oisin and Roisin are doomed never to savour the stabilising childhood influence of a front and back garden?   As if poor mum and dad were not undergoing enough emotional trauma as it is...

Funny, if you go onto the Manor Park website, you will notice they still have a plan detailing the various dwellings available at Hansfield, Type “H” being three-bedroom duplexes and two-bedroom apartments.  Are we to assume that these are no longer on offer?

A bit like the on-site train station, with a service every 15 minutes, that they promised. The one they never got around to building an access road to.

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Ella said...

To the residents of Barnswell Hansfield I wouldn't count on manor park homes building that access road anytime soon if it only leads to the station. Seems they are not very good at living up to their promises

Fingal County Council should step in and build the road and then pursue Manor Park by any means necessary.

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes Ella it seems they have form. I've seen protests outside that very development.

Dakota said...

GM Noooooooooooooo, they're not small, there compact and bijou, (funnily I never heard this phrase once during the celtic tiger years)of course...The goooood thing about a shoe box is, they're usually free (they really should have invested in a really gooood pair of shoes, instead). As you say GM, the poor sods who forked out, way over the odds for the bricks and mortar equivalent, must be reallllly annnnnoyed....Oh if they need a garden, there's always the car park, or their very own 2 feet square piece of heaven (or turf to be more presise) outside the communal door.

The Gombeen Man said...

Or maybe the unfinished half of the estate, Dakota? Complete with waterlogged foundations, rusting cement mixers, and redundant masonry supplies.

Or as the brochure might say, an integral adventure playground.

Dakota said...

Yep GM I wouldn't be surprised. As for half finished estates.......

Anonymous said...

Im currently 'living' in one of Manorparks unfinished estates in Cappagh road and am havin the same problem (Ie) unfinished roads house.
I have asked whats going to be done and all I get is someone down the line laughing at me saying 'im doing nothing untill more houses are sold' now we allknow now that that i just not going to happen.

I bought my house on teh understaning that I would have shops and a creche in the estate and have now been advise that this will no longer happen as there are not enought houses sold and that the site may never be finished !
Word of advise to anyone out there looking to buy a house from Manorpark 'dont'
Along with all the exterior problem our heating systems do not work our shower pumps that cost €600 need to be replaced and some houses have structural damage "
Angry Resident of Heathfeild Cappagh

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