Monday, 21 March 2011

Gombeen Man in Irish nationalist Nissan Qashqai shock!!!!!!!!

One of the things I like most about doing the blog is reading the searches that lead into it.  Some are funny, some are sad, some are downright ignorant. They are all interesting, however, as they give you some idea of what is out there. Here are some examples from the last couple of days.


dublin 15 hell hole

compulsory Irish

kevin myers niggers

what happened to michael flatley and riverdance

knackers ireland

how to end a letter in Irish

nude on toilet

brian cowen naked

jobs in the gaeltacht

are the irish racist

abortion in ireland tax relief

pyjamas as day wear in dublin

skanger mothers

can irish speed cameras work at night

saint john statute head buried selling your house

gombeen nation gay marriage

gombeen nation hitler

gombeen nation islam

gombeen nation jews

The last few, you might guess, came from a right-wing Irish nationalist site. It seems they flagged and discussed Gombeen Nation in a “red alert” thread. As it happens, I kind of expect nationalists to be right wing – at least you know what you're dealing with there.

It’s the doctrinaire “republican socialists” pushing an exclusive homogenous Irish identity, while simultaneously spouting left-wing rhetoric, that I really can’t stand. They are the ones who most muddy the political waters here, and prevent any kind of progress. Right-wing nationalists espouse the most unappealing aspects of jingoism and chauvinism, but at least they are honest about their bigotry.

It seems our far-right friends were surprised that Gombeen Nation didn’t have any posts about gay marriage. Well, not being gay, it’s not something I’ve ever spent a great deal of time pondering. What is it, not secure in your sexuality lads? But for the record I support it.

They were probably a bit puzzled by the blog’s opposition to Islamic fundamentalism too. You see, I don’t consider the blog to be left-wing. Too many supposedly “left-wingers” are part and parcel of the establishment.

They might also be a bit puzzled by the blog’s consistent opposition to the safety commissars of the Road Safety Authority, who want to blight the land with speed cameras and suspension-wrecking road humps.  Similarly, they are disconcerted by the blog's opposition to the elitist promotion of "de language".

However, probably the most insulting thing they said about your beloved Gombeen Man was:

"The asshole went mad because people drive with lights during the daytime. The wanker in the same breath boasted about his shitty Qashqai."

I had a good laugh at that one. A Qashqai? Puh-leease!!!

Just shows how wrong their analysis can be.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't goggle amazing!

To look at the list I'd almost imagine the blog is written by an obsequious little fascist who rails against everything and everyone that is not like him, and yet deludes himself into thinking he is some sort of liberal lefty :)

Oh go on guess!

Anonymous said...


Seanad debate on forced electric shock treatment
By Jennifer Hough Monday, March 21, 2011

THE forced use of electric shock treatment — Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) —on mentally ill people is to be debated in the Seanad this week.

In England I worked in mental health in 1970's and it was illegal to give ECT to any informal patient without consent. If the person was detained and sectioned under the Mental Health Act there were very stringent conditions about giving ECT against the persons consent.

The Nazi's gave ECT without anaesthetic as a punishment. I have just learned today that Irish Catholic psychiatrists give people ECT because it is cheaper than giving medicines.

An Irish Psychiatrist can unilaterally prescribe ECT, and the powerless frighteded, vulnerable patient has no right of refusal. (In the US and UK for doing this, he would be indicted and charged with a crime).

To think that this very day in 2011, in a Roman Catholic Church controlled country (without ethics, morality or compassion) that a barbaric treatment (that no one understands, or even knows how it works) can be given to a vulnerable person at the whim of a doctor is the stuff of Josef Rudolf Mengele, The Angel of Death (NAZI, NAZI, NAZI).

Please Answer this: What sort of people are we?


Read more:

The Gombeen Man said...

Simple solution. If you don't like the blog no-one is forcing you to tune in...

Anonymous said...


This hostile ass who does not have the courage or integrity to identify himself. What he has done is called the “Mirror Phenomenon” insofar that the vitriol expressed is actually intended for himself because of his own self loathing.

What he really means is that he is an obsequious little fascist who rails against everything and everyone that is not like him. I would not worry too much or take much heed of this stupid ass says.


Dakota said...

Self analysis can be benefical but Anon in your case it could be detrimental. I hear CBT can help.

GM as for that thing about the lights I saw recently a pick up with 15 lights on its front. All those lights know the rest.....All this in the land where no one knows what an indicator is really for. I wonder do these “republican socialists” use theirs correctly?

I have to say GM the Blog is by far the best on the net. Its all about analysis and balance. Both of which are in abundance here.

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks DB, Dakota. It takes all sorts, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Great People who Write on your Blog

I wholeheartedly agree with Dakota that your blog is the very best, because in informs, and promotes reflection that makes us better and more tolerant people.

The occasional, ignorant silly ass's who are hostile and witless cause us to be thankful that we are more objective and thoughtful, and respectful of the views and opinions of others. There are great people who write on your blog. It does serve an important purpose.


anna said...

I like this blog, as it doesn't tolerate posters who indulge in the venerable Irish sport of 'slagging' each other off- something I regard more and more as symptomatic of probably low Irish self esteem- and also a big tradition of verbal agression- An agression that I think is fueled by poor mental support services, and also a culture of ignoring the many issues that casue a person to feel inferior/ aggressive.;
But never mind that- PS- yes did check constitution: in the 2 sections on Judges and President there IS in fact a line stating their pay could not be cut(!!!!)- there were several versions of constitution-our worthy judges probably were aware of 1930's/ 40's austerity
( memories of 1920's crash etc) and just wanted to make damn sure that if anyonein the country Ever had to suffer it wasn't going to be them- very much sets the tone for what a bunch of greedy toads our legal profession became - don't forget All the corruption in our country could not have been assisted without them.
And the President? Over 2 yrs ago when current crisis began , she cut her Own pay- she said she was aware it was being paid into an account ( per constitution) but she Simply Did not have to draw it all. I also read of her travelling on ordinary Aer Lingus jets- thanks Prez. Of course she said she hoped to set an example- fell on mostly deaf ears- took AGES to prize any pay off our TDs for Judges??? maybe 1 or 2 took a tiny token% cut. I find it Very Illuminating the the Prez did not grow up down here.
ANYWAY there Are ( surprisingly ) some good things in constitution, eg right to join a trade union.
BUT anyone who thinks it a Glowing recital of all the new rights the Irish got after shaking off English tyranny- you can think again with this shameful stuff:My friends in UK civil service incidentally had their pay Frozen-a bit different to 100,000's of Irish public servants who had theirs well CUT. And Irish Judges pay is Constitutionally Protected, while Hugely Profitable fast food chains seek any ludicrous fiction that's allegedly in the Constitution to cut the pay of poorly paid workers .
AND no constitutional protection AT ALL to protect min wage cut!!!How would our judges manage on 306 Euro week- the reduced minimum wage- (after those workers took a cut of 40 a week, from 346)?? I think the previous post Reveals a great Deal about this country- in fact this blatant protection for those who Really matter should be enough for the people to demand an over all rewrite- as in fact is what was proposed by Green and Labour Parties.

Ella said...

Hi GM, saw the following letter in today's MetroHerald - In Brief section

"Culture con? Una, the Irish language supporter, agrees with wasting public funds on bilingual signage for tourists. Dublin has been named as a Unesco City of Literature, thanks to the likes of Joyce, Wilde, Beckett, Goldsmith, O'Casey, Shaw, Swift and others. Visitors to Dublin are most likely to be attracted to our city's literary heritage, expressed through the medium of English."

The letter is from Gombeen Man.

Based on the subject matter I'm guessing it's your good self? Well either that or an imposter?

The Gombeen Man said...

Well spotted Ella. It was, indeed, the one-and-only Gombeen Man ;-)