Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Moriarty Tribunal - Lowry helped O'Brien's Esat Digiphone

After 14 years' of deliberation, the Moriarty Tribunal has found that Michael Lowry "secured the winning" of Ireland's second mobile phone licence for Denis O'Brien's Esat Digifone.   It detailed payments of €500,000 from O'Brien to Lowry and a loan of  £420,000.

O'Brien maintains that the findings of the Tribunal are based on "opinions" and "theories".  

So, we have had a tribunal of enquiry that has taken 14 years, at a cost of €45,404,054 according to O'Brien himself, and its conclusions are nothing more than "opinions" and "theories"?

The rest of Europe, and indeed the world - taking a special interest in Irish affairs at the moment - must be intrigued by our little land.  Not exactly confidence inspiring for anyone sinking money into the place, is it?

The Irish authorities must now send a clear signal to show that this country finally has some appetite to end its culture of clientism, chicanery and downright corruption. 

They must instigate criminal proceedings against those exposed by the Tribunal.

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Laurence said...

Why toothless tribunals in the first place?
Any other country would have started criminal investigations 14 years ago, and there would be people behind bars for a good while now.

In Ireland, corrupt politicians who seem to pull the strings of an inept justice system and police force mean nothing will happen.

The "Ah, sure it'll do" attitude prevails yet again.

The Gombeen Man said...

True enough. It's a funny little country Laurence. And these characters are having a laugh at our expense.

Dakota said...

Ah yes, but you see the the rest of the world is not laughing. After the latest little totting up by the Bank for International Settlement, this wonderful nation OWES $546 BILLION with a possible additional $180 BILLION in further exposures due to guarantees, derivatives etc.
There are an awful lot of people in financial Europe and the wider world, scratching their heads trying to make sense of this country. At the very least, they would ask why, such a method of investigation is dominant in this nation and where to from here?

The Gombeen Man said...

Stunning figures D.

anna said...

We MUST not despair of our politicians- who can forget these stirring words from general Election 2011?:

“The most important issue in this campaign is undoubtedly the economy. This recession has caused huge difficulties for so many people. Many people are suffering financial hardship, pain and Anguish and find it almost impossible to comprehend, why and how our economy is in such a mess.? Jobs have been lost, people are worried for the future , there is a lack of confidence that is preventing spending and investment and the banking system continues to be a source of concern.
Our situation is so serious that people must realise when they go to vote that there are no easy options. Hard decisions had to be taken in the last 3 years and I supported them because they were necessary to address the financial and economic crisis that befell us. More difficult decisions will have to be taken by the next government.. Everybody has had to make sacrifices as a result of the recent cutbacks and taxation increases and further pain will be experienced in the next 3 to 4 years. What is essential is that the impact of the tough decisions is spread Fairly and the most Vulnerable protected. We need to recover our economic independence as quickly as possible but we must protect key frontline services in health, education and social welfare. We also need to stimulate the jobs market and get investment going . To do this we need to elect responsible and capable Dáil deputies, who will act fearlessly in the interests of their constituents and the national interest.
You know my track record in securing investment and funding and protecting essential services in health and education for this constituency. Also my commitment to the national interest and ensuring that we take the decisions necessary to achieve economic recovery. An independent and experienced voice such as mine will be important in the next Dail . Never have more TDs retired before an election and many more will lose their seats. New blood is important but in difficult times , there is no substitute for experience. Experience, hard-work and commitment to the best interests of this constituency and the future of our country are what I offer. There will be many Independent TDs – I have the experience to take a leading role in bringing together like minded independents to support a government that will take the right decisions to generate brighter prospects for the future.
I will need your number 1 vote to continue working for you** and your future.”

**- Now the small print: terms and conditions apply
Yes I’ll work for you , for a modest TDs salary. However I can do some Enhanced work for you- if you’d like to contribute a small additional amount - starting at say , just 400,000(++). For more details contact me on

anna said...

Of course those with a Rhino hide, may need some Encouragement, so in the name of St Patrick ( great than for casting out undesirable species) I sent this message to

Dear Mr Lowry- Just go now- I've read your website- it's all very well saying you have supported local healthcare, farming, Tipperary Institute - Oh and massive support for the GAA and a new GAA stadium!
Isn't that all what you were WELL paid to do anyway? And SO many people in Badly paid demanding jobs, bus drivers, nurses, remedial teachers etc work so hard and do such worthy work- without a website to declare it. SO WHY exactly did a huge Minister's salary require 'enhancement' of 500,000 ? And a free house extension?
You should have GONE 14 years ago- and saved this country 45,000,000 on a tribunal.
And you're worried about the anguish of your constituents? Just think what Co Tipperary - and the rest of the country could do with 45,000,000- money the health service etc are now short of - and people like me - low paid civil servants - who had our pay cut.
JUST GO - You Are A Disgrace, and disgrace the name of this country abroad.

I heartily encourage other readers to drop him a line.

The Gombeen Man said...

Hear hear!

anna said...

Sombre news- the 2 consortia who lost out to Denis O'Brien for that licence will now Sue the State- if they win damages it could be millions- if not a 1/2 billion, Ok millions....this is what dodgy dealings by Ministers cost the state
Cheering news also!
RTE reported 150 Lowry supporters turned up at a meeting in Tipperary - Yes- This IS Great news! Just Ignore the fact that 150 turned up- and Concentrate on the fact that the other 12,000 who Voted him Back in Less than One month ago Didn't.
Progress. Of Sorts. Well, done Tipperary!

Anonymous said...

shuuurlly schumm missshsteak here mr GM 14 yrs is just not enough time ,this could be seen as a rush to judgment i hope calmer heads prevail UP DEV

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes Anna. I suppose "progress" is very relative... but we must take what comfort we can.

BH. A very good point. Rushing over things like that could lead to any manner of rash judgement.

Maybe it's time to mobilize a "Justice for Lowry and O'Brien" movement!! Stand by for a petition on Gombeen Nation in the coming days!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should also know that o'brein seems to have used pretty much the same tactics with politicians in the caribbean to secure licences and favourable business terms for his Digicel company. Samuel

The Gombeen Man said...

Do you have any evidence to support this, Samuel?