Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Osama in the Highest. Departed Al Qaeda chief nominated for mass by Howth parishioner

No doubt Osama bin Laden is, at this moment, happily frolicking about in Paradise with his quota of virgins.

If he cares to take a break from his orgy of deflowering, however, he might like to contemplate the good Christian of Howth who is in mourning for him.

According to The Journal (thanks to C for bringing it to our attention), it seems that the deceased Al Qaeda leader’s name appeared in the newsletter of the Church of the Assumption, Howth, among a list for prayers to be said for the souls of recently departed.

When quizzed on the matter, the parish priest  attributed bin Laden’s inclusion to someone hurriedly putting the list together:

“That was requested by a parishioner but it is not fully decided. Normally we put in the mass names but when the name was requested that was the name that was’s an official mass at 10 o’clock. Somebody came in and requested it and it was probably written down in a hurry”, he is reported to have told The Journal.

Bin Laden was subsequently deleted from the prayer list after “uproar and outrage” among parishioners.

And there's me thinking it was some new-found spirit of Christian forgiveness and tolerance... 

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Anonymous said...

A lucky escape for Osama Bin Laden there. I imagine if the mass had been said he could have suffered a "Saga of Biorn" situation. Definitely not what you want when there are virgins to be deflowered.


The Gombeen Man said...

Thsnks for that SH.