Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Micheal O Muircheartaigh for president now, is it? Bring on Terry Wogan.

Just as one RTE “personality” - in the highly irritating form of Gay Byrne - reveals to an expectant nation that he won’t be running for the Irish presidency, another appears on the scene.

This time it is ex-GAA commentator Micheal O Muircheartaigh. 80 years old, Gaelic-speaking, GAA-loving, and a familiar voice to the faithful over “the wireless” for decades. Bloody hell… they will be exhuming Dev next.

And what is it with these RTE “personalities”? Morning Ireland gave O’Muirchearthaigh an indulgent interview yesterday, during which he pondered aloud whether he would put himself forward for nomination. What kind of news was that?

Furthermore, what kind of a public broadcaster feels it is newsworthy to interview its old boys on the subject of the presidency at the drop of a check cap?  Maybe RTE feels that its “personalities” have been in our faces for so long that we'll think nothing of another seven years. Assuming they have another seven years in them.

Tell you what. If we must have an Irish broadcaster as president we might as well have Terry Wogan.  At least he is articulate, intelligent, and was talented enough to be a big fish – in a successful broadcasting career spanning decades – outside of the little pond that is Ireland.  

How many from the Montrose spawning-bed of mediocrity could have done the same?

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Anonymous said...

STOP IT GM STOP IT I TELL YOU this is driving me to drink and drugs like so many of my fellow exiles soooooh missing our former glorious paridise homeland HAVE A NICE DAY GM -BH

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha BH. Well, you might as well be assured that the decsion to become an exile was an informed one! Things are worse than ever in the auld sod, I'm afraid.

Dakota said...

This is almost too absurd to be real. Does anybody in Ireland have any sembelence of intelligence? Eh thats a profound NO.......It puts a new spin on the fact that if you want to get anything done in this asylum, you have to ring a radio station. Now you have to have either presented or contributed to one, to become it's president. It sucks the air out of any credibility this office had. Doesn't matter who wins now, to the few sane humans left on this Island, they are cheapened by the experience.
Irish Democracy never existed this is just another example.... A farce.

In my opinion the campaign should be suspended. (which will probably mean forming a QUANGO to implement such and such for so and so). Its a bad Irish joke. But it won't happen because the mobbish Irish don't care, they have collectively created not only the greatest financial disaster in human history, but they have also contributed to a complete meltdown in the core Eurozone area. They have created the classic double whammy by not only destroying wealth, they have also undermined the systems which create and created it for them. What's mesmerising, nobody seems to give a toss one way or the other. That's the Irish way.....Which not only proves the country is broken psychologically at a profound level, but they are also lacking a collective intelligence.
Yes it all makes sense when you stand back from it, GM, this joke election campaign, is sensible on Planet Ireland.

The Gombeen Man said...

It really is beyond a joke at this stage, Dakota.

If I were a features page writer on a certain newspaper, I would be analysing (with the emphasis on the first four letters) thus:

"In these bleak and uncertain times, we feel a desperate need to reach for old certainties. The comforting familiarity of patriarchal assurance, which we cling to like a warm comfort blanket in our time of utmost need."

But I'm not. So I wish Gaybo and Micheal O' Whatshisname, and any other RTE leftovers, would just f**k off and retire out of our lives for good.

I feel better now.

Dakota said...

Yep GM I'm all for a bit of solace in the storm and all that but its the barefaced cynicism. Proposing canditates as if they could sooth the gargantuan hole which is this nation. Its like falling out of a plane and expectiing a cloud to save you from hitting the ground. Its madness heaped on madness, but its what passes for real politik here. The Devils playground, for halfwits with expensive cars.

Anthony said...

A knight of the realm as president of Ireland. Let me think about that for a seco...YES!

Crucifiction this way said...

I like that comment - a cloud saving you from a fall from a plane Dakota (pun intended) I was just thinking about President Bunny or President Blaithin having a nice ring to them or at a stretch President Fortycoats - ah no shure we already had that fella in Haughey. Keep on trawling though lads and when there's nothing left out at Donnybrook to choose from we can get the GAA to send up their list. Monica Sheridan would do wonders up there in the kitchen at Aras. What about that dog from the Wanderly Wagon - he'd be mighty in the job - a retired judge - perfect. PB

Dakota said...

PB there's a bowl of tapioca pudding that could do the job perfectly well. It is Ireland.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Anthony. Hadn't thought of that one. Nice touch to annoy our Shinner friends!

@ PB. Or that eejit with the magic ring - Rory (or Ruari more likely) - he could use that to sort it all out. One thing for sure - no shortage of wagons in the place.

@ Dakota. Or the regurgiated foodstuffs - always containing diced carrots - we see in abundance every night on the pavements of our cultural quarter, Temple Bar. Oh, and most other places too!

Anonymous said...

"our cultural quarter, Temple Bar"

You know, GM, it hurts a bit to blow tea out your nose...


Peadar said...

He is 81 years of age and the office is for 7 years, so does he want a state funeral as part of the deal? the best I heard this morning was on the Pat Kenny show(he is on holiday again!!) where one of the panel suggested Mary (EFFING)Hannifin for gods sake.