Monday, 15 August 2011

Dana for president? Takes all kinds of everything, it seems.

While we are talking about the presidency - and breathing a sigh of relief that Gaybo is not going to run for the Aras (Irish president's house) after all - now we can concentrate on Dana.

Dana, younger readers might not know, won the Eurovision for Ireland back in 1970 with a song called "All Kinds of Everything".  It was considered a great achievement at the time by the powers that be, rather than an embarrassment. See below.

If Dana had stuck to singing twee songs, it might just have been forgiveable.  Since 1970, however, the Derry warbler has metamorphosed into a right-wing, anti-choice, Catholic "values" conservative.  She did not manage to get a nomination for the last election, in 2004, and only got 13.5% of the vote in 1997. 

A reader, John, sent in this link which shows Dana singing on a far-right US religious channel called EWTN.  In the video - which is probably the most excruciating I have ever seen - Dana intercedes in a duet with a rather portly Jesus, playing the role of a woman who has had an abortion.  It is so bad, musically, that Andrew Lloyd Webber might be envious.

Dana, of course, believes Irish women should not have the option of termination in their own country, and should be compelled to get on the boat/plane to England or Holland.  That way she - and her ilk - can delude themselves that abortion does not exist in Ireland.

Have a look at this video, but have a sick bag handy. 

More worryingly, John also sent a link to a site called  which features a Facebook campaign by an 18-year old who supports Dana's presidential campaign on the basis that she will "bring this country back to its golden age"-

What??? With 18-year-olds like that, what does the future hold?

Tomorrow belongs to them. 

They are welcome to it, the arseholes.

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Anonymous said...

what next GM i think you are making this stuff up, why not one of the jedwards or the rubberbandits perhaps, or BIFFO if he can be found ,a great democratic republic requires a president who can sing a song or dance a jig at the drop of a hat UP DEV -BH

The Gombeen Man said...

That is very true, BH. The president of Ireland is probably one of the most responsible positions in the free world. It demands a very high calibre of candidate.

How about Michael Flatley? Or Dustin the Turkey?

limerickanon said...

This country is insane , i dont know if I should sit back laugh and enjoy the show or start stockpiling condoms and tinned foodstuffs

Microbes said...

don't worry about the condoms limerickanon - someone's got to kickstart the next generation. Might i recommend the 810 gm tin of Chilli con carne as a staple. The home brand sweet corn kernels are great for the "DOWN DAYS" when you stick up the periscope and just survey the same old shit out there and despite what the Brother says - You can look at an egg to see you through so be sure to pack a dozen Happy Chicken Microbe FREE Pickled Eggs for the journey. See you at the Gates of Dawn (if you make it) (I'm SURE you will) PB

Anonymous said...

Dana had a music career prior to “All Kinds of Everything” although we were told at the time that she was an impromptu choice, just a schoolgirl. I did love her original voice that was sweet and lilting and imperfect, that was an added attraction. Then came “A Taste of Money” voice training and coaching with elocution lessons built in for good measure and she lost her vocal identity. Then came God and the drive to make all persons in ‘Dana’s’ image of God with holy water, holy purity, and immaculate conceptions.

So now we have Dana’s “The Imitation of Christ” and “An Imitation of Life” and “The Imitation of Ireland” all combined to make the Irish people pure, honest, good and sober from the far reaches of “Áras an Uachtaráin” in Phoenix Park.

Why do some people lose all sense insight and credulity? I loved her natural lilting voice better when she sang “All Kinds of Everything”.


Anonymous said...

Ed Hupp :

Anonymous said...

Imagine Irish President Rosemary Scallon and US President Sarah Palin having a conversation about: "All kinds of Punishment" for children and those who do not immediately obey them. Imagine them finding ways of keeping the poor of the world in Christian impoverishment, with the excuse that suffering is good for you.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see her website , catholic singer, catholic everything,this woman is unreal.

Dakota said...

BH, great minds and all that. My suggestion is maybe this fine feathered guy?

If not I heard there is a rhino in the congo that has begun to articulate certain consonants, when listened to drunk (a dead cert for the Irish campaign trail!!).

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Limerickanon. There'd be no stockpiling of condoms if Dana was president!

@ Ponyboy. What's this hot recipe, mate? Sounds very interesting... might give it a shot.

@ Anon 17:13. Thanks for that. Word is getting out.

@ DBMG. Yes... if only she'd stuck to the twee songs it would not have been so bad. Unreal is right.

@ Dakota. Green as well. Perfect.

Ella said...

Hi GM, Micheal O Muircheartaigh (retired GAA commentator) now thinking of running. I'll refrain from commenting!

Willy Moore said...


I see you've added your tuppenceworth to the comments on that bonkers 'protectthepope' site, well done sir!

Someone else commented about Dana that:
"If only she would run for president in Italy! We badly need a politician like her right now in the country…"

Amen to that, they can have her and her catholic-themed worbling!!!!!!!!!!

russell said...

Just saw this post. EWTN is indeed a right wing Catholic network here in the U.S. It used to feature a reactionary nun called Mother Angelica, who had her own talk show. For all I know it still does, unless she's dead. I used to watch it for laughs once in a while.

Anonymous said...

are all you twats insane does she have the right to free speach or not

The Gombeen Man said...

She does. And so do we.

Anonymous said...

"are all you twats insane does she have the right to free speach or not" of course she does nobodies stopping dana from speaking, we are just pointing out shes a fucking nutcase

Anonymous said...

Hello GM,
Do you see any comparisons between Dana and Dana International?

The Gombeen Man said...

No comparison at all, Anon.

Dana International is a far snappier dresser.