Friday, 30 December 2011

Eircom Customer Support… not!

Or Eircom – a shower of useless shites...

I had a pop at Vodafone in the last-but-one blog post, as my Internet connection is giving credence to the idea of the "www" initials standing for World Wide WaitThing is, I now believe that the fault lies with Eircom, who supply the phone line to the house.

You may recall that an engineer, or technician - whatever they like to call themselves – paid a (second) visit before Christmas?

He first mistook a scanning device for a phone, and was puzzled when he couldn’t hear a ringtone. After that inauspicious start he pressed a button on some meter he had, and informed me that the line was “100% fine”.

What he never even bothered doing was taking a look at my ancient phone point – or whatever the genuine 70s object you see in the pic above is. Take the cover off this old yoke and you are confronted with a veritable Medusa of messy wiring, which doesn't look like the stuff of a "100% fine"  phone connection (below).

If the lazy shite had updated this antediluvian box with a modern one when he troubled my threshold, I’ll wager that my Internet connection would be functioning properly now.

Vodafone are trying to organize a third visit from Eircom, which they hope will rectify the problem.

Let’s hope they send someone who can at least recognise a phone when they see one.

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albert hall said...

Same in my flat in the UK. My BT phone connection had to be moved as it was wrongly positioned in my flat. The BT man moved the phone, but he installed it in the house next door. When it was, eventually, connected in my flat I found it did not work, so another engineer was called - three vans arrived - and he told me the line had not been connected at the head office. A week later I received a bill for two phones with the same number! I complained to India; the helpline confirmed I had two lines. According to BT I now have two phone lines but get a bill for one. I am waiting for the second phone to ring.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! when said anticky , i never realised you meant pre-war :D ... thats bloody awful GM. F

Anonymous said...

But 60,000 have gone back to Eirocom, so the ads say. Got rid of fixed line and use aerial for broadband, works fine. I believe you can get phone set with this up but I do not need it. Eircom, the great Finna Fail experiment in "People" ownership of shares.

Anonymous said...

Yes, perhaps you can get wireless broadband. Do not go near the stick thing stuck in the laptop, provided by the mobile phone operators. There is probably a wireless provider in your area that will put an antenna on your house, phone can usually be provided as well for extra.
Welcome to broadband hell, hahaha.

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for sharing you experiences, and offering you advice, folks. Yes, we are signed up for a year to these idiots (got another text from Vodafone yesterday saying the problem was "resolved" (the fourth). When I pointed out the ancient Eircom phone point I was asked did I "know any electricians".

Might have to look at the wireless option, as I feel I cannot be bound into an contract with Vodafone as they are not honouring it by providing an adequate service.

John said...

small claims court would be the way to go to get out of the contract, I suspect that they would not like the publicity ,and therefore ,not contest the case. The question of knowing an electrician, do they mean in the social sense or in the biblical sense?? that suggestion they made sums up the "Service". Have a look at Digiweb, they are ok, have used then for 5 years. I see this new crowd which is a satellite dish. By the way, as you have left them the chance to remedy the problem , in contract law you are not obliged to wait for an indefinite time for the matter to be resolved. On that note, I wish one and all the very best for 2012, I think we may need it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, have a great new year. I tried to call and could not get through. Has your number changed or is this part of the hell?
Talk soon, sometime, 2012 hopefully. Maeve

The Gombeen Man said...

That's a good idea, John. A mention of the SCC might be helpful alright. We'll give them a couple of days after the break to sort it out. Then it might be give Digiweb a shot.

Yes Maeve, new number. Will email it. All the best to you et famille for 2012!

Anonymous said...

Obviously it depends on where you live, however UPC have spent alot of money upgrading their network (circa €400m) here's their upgrade map for Dublin. (early 2011)

I wouldn't touch Eircom with a 40foot barge pole. Most of their last mile network is rotten or on the way. 50Mb/s for €45/month works for me.


The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for that Paul. There's hope!