Friday, 27 January 2012

Another enforced hiatus ends?

Just a quick note to say the blog is in transition from Vodafone to Smart Telecom at the moment and, as seems to be the way of it these days, connecting is proving troublesome.  

It seems my nearest phone exchange is over 5km away, and the line consists of copper wire mined by destitute Victorian urchins.  Its installation was, I'll wager, overseen by Alexander Graham Bell himself (left).

Until now, I had no connection whatsover since Monday, when Vodafone cut off the old one, hence the lack of posts and delays in getting comments up. Now I have a shiny new modem from Smart (received a few hours ago), so let's see how this goes.

I can't describe how frustrating this malarkey is, especially as there are so many good blogging subjects out there at the moment... the hysterical reactions to Enda Kenny's "people went mad during the boom" statement being one.  ENDA TELLS THE TRUTH SHOCK!  Facing reality, you see, has never been popular in Ireland.

But that's another story.  In the meantime, we'll have a look at this new connection and see how we go. 

Thanks for your patience. 

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Anonymous said...

Gosh,looks like Noel Purcell to a tee.

The Gombeen Man said...

He does, you know.

Anonymous said...

Well even if the copper cable was brand new and laid last year ye still probably have problems with that distance. For ADSL2+ here's a general rule of thumb regarding distance from Exchange:

ADSL2+ Sync rates

Less than 1km should be 23-24Mbit
1.0km = 13.81dB = 23Mbit
1.5km = 20.7dB = 21Mbit
2.0km = 27.6dB = 18Mbit
2.5km = 34.5dB = 13Mbit
3.0km = 41.4dB = 8Mbit
3.5km = 48.3dB = 6Mbit
4.0km = 56dB = 4Mbit
4.5km = 62.1dB = 3Mbit
5.0km = 69dB = 2Mbit


Dakota said...

Nearest exchange 5 miles? Where is the new manor GM? Don't you know Ireland is the centre of the information superhighway? It's the green celtic blood GM!

Lucky Mr Kenny didn't mention the helicopter and stretch limo for the communion, or the bored housewives just popping over the ocean for a $1000 handbag and then back again to get their toenails buffed? Lucky, he didn't say Ireland has not alone undergone a baptism of Greed, it is also a land of crude callus grotesque characterchures and horrific egotism.......He was so fortunate he didn't mention the soft landing. Remember the one? Everyone believed in because this is Ireland.........Oh hold on, what about there was no one there to put the head over the parapet.................

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for that info, Paul. Yes, it's a hell of a distance. I'm lucky if I get a download speed of 1mb/s. I think UPC might offer the only hope, but 'though the lines are there (I'm told) they haven't "rolled" them "out" yet.

It's in the wilds of Castleknock, Dakota - inside the M50. For all the world, I might as well be on the Blasket Islands.

John said...

GM,have you checked this,

This gives you a comparison of service providers for your neck of the woods

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks John. I'll have a look at that now.