Sunday, 8 January 2012

Water sign of the times

We all know there's a recession on, and the present government is nearly as inept as the last one with its 2% VAT hike, but are things really so bad that supermarkets have to put security tags on an 85c (or €1.10 for two) bottle of water?

Spotted in Tescos, Tallaght.

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Ella said...

Hi GM, that would never happen in Blanchardstown, no way.

pony not strictly factual boy said...

glad to see it was photographed in their fridge and not the new GM Palace fridge. You remember the old Christy Brown interview with Gay when he was asked a question about the people who drank bottled water. 'uk dem' he said . I'm sure he'd have the same to say about its vendors these days.

JOHN said...

Jasus, if the rich can steal from Tesco's as in todays UK papers
"Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson has been arrested on suspicion of stealing cheese and wine from a branch of Tesco, it was reported today.The recession-hit Ready Steady Cook star, 60, was caught shoplifting five times in 15 days at a store in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.He then accepted a caution for all five offences"
No wonder they are security tagging everything.

Dakota said...

If this shower (get it?) have their way, tap water will be more expensive, anyway, then no need to lock fridge water? The IMF are probably rolling around the floors apoplectic with laughter. Come to think of it, FF must be doing the same.

Maybe they'll splonk a tax on bottle locks? You can't have more than one per fridge? It's getting that mad.....They'll even be seen going through the spare change and fluff in all those millionaire frat boys in the Dail, next. After all, who or what is the real Government?

Pity they wouldn't lock down all those geniuses that sent out all that fan mail, scaring the living life out of all the pensioners of the country. It's approaching 2016 GM, all that blood, so, almost 100 years later, what do you know, they are locking bottles of water and frighting harmless pensioners because they can (I wonder how many with double, triple and quadruple names, in Gaelic of course, think these things up?).

Which is more sureal GM, locking bottles of fridge water - in a country where on the west coast it can rain up 70% of the year - or sending out blanket mail to elderly vunerable citizens? Genuinely nasty, cowardly country. The Irish are getting an additional reputation.

Could need a second bail out! For the banks? NO the TROIKA have finally taken pity and decided to dish out 3,000,000 free lobotomies. Have pity, they need a rest, their ribs ache and all those injuries to multiple jaws hitting the floor. Scary BOG.

Anonymous said...

Probably anticipating the intrduction of water metering ?

Ive ever understood why people go shoplifting in Tesco though. Sure if one is prepared to risk prosection and a criminal record wouldnt they be better off doing their shoplifting in Waitrose ?


John said...

Sorry to hear that Journalist Mary Rafftery has died at only 54. RIP.
She made a great contribution to Ireland by exposing the lies and crimes of the State/Church alliance in the abuse of children.

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, I am sure that all of us here on the blog will second that, John.