Monday, 2 July 2012

Eamon Dunphy on Spanish national anthem... no words to describe it.

RTE football pundit and professional gobshite controversist, Eamon Dunphy, has excelled himself this time. 

Commenting on the Spanish footballers' silence as their national anthem was being played prior to their European Championship showdown with Italy, he made this prize observation:

"There is a unity between the Catalans and the Spaniards which is very important… Traditionally Spain have underachieved because the players of Barcelona, and the Basque country indeed, and the Castilians don’t get on. But that rift has been healed by this generation of players. And notably, when the Spanish national anthem was being played no Spanish player sang it. I think that was a recognition that [the players] say nothing… keep quiet. For the purposes of football, they have left a culture and their politics in the dressing room and played for their nation."

Talk about supplementing verbal diarrhoea with a strong dose of laxatives  -  unlike Eamon, the Spanish national anthem contains no words..

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Lew said...

I almost wet myself when you said"the Spanish national anthem contains no words.."

Could he really be that stupid to come out with such shyte and then end it with such a stupid comment about them keeping quiet

The Gombeen Man said...

Hi Lew. How are things? Yes, it seems our Eamon fits the bill alright!

Dakota said...

Another Montrose disciple. Bought off.

Pedro said...

Dunphy the big liberal also does ads for Mc Donalds.. and he is an expert on Spanish politics and he does not speak Spanish. Anda que te coja un burro , Senor Dunphy.

ponyboy said...

ha ha ha ha. That's priceless G. Just thinking - it mightn't be a bad idea to drop the libretto from our own amhran na bfhiann pb

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Dakota. The price is right. Or is that ITV? I'd say Eamo is getting a handy enough wedge from Telly Eireann alright.

@ Pedro. Our Eamo is an expert on many things, I believe.

@ Ponyboy. G'day old cobber. True, I think most national anthems could be greatly improved by the removal of lyrics - even the jaunty Italian one (the tune of which I love). Have a look at its "lyrics" and you'll see even Peadar Kearney doing proverbial grave spin at its patriotic bloody-thirsty qualities.

anthem boy said...

i think if you sang the italian one over peadar's grave he'd probably do a lazarus and pen a verse or two more just to keep up ireland's side. Jaysus though the last place you'd find me if i was an austrian or a pole or especially a cossack would be anywhere near the italian border. They're ready to die time and again to spill the above mentioned nationals' blood. Try getting your head round the icelandic one.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Anthem Boy. Bloody hell. Sounds like they should avoid praying at all costs or their 1,000 years will go up in a giant cloud of volcano smoke!