Thursday, 1 November 2012

Going bananas in Wicklow

The lure of the Military Road enticed yours truly up into the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains yesterday, the pic above taken at the stretch just before the Sally Gap, going south.

But note the artwork on the rock to the right...  a screenprint-esque banana.

Andy Warhol was long departed, even before Ireland's artists' tax exemption was capped, so it can't have been him.  

And suitable as the image might be to replace the shamrock and harp as our national emblem, I just can't see us being that honest.

Maybe it is a political activist making a statement about the many crooked, rotten, slippery customers who inhabit our little land - more than you would find in a Fyffes' warehouse?

Or what about a  viral advertising attempt?  Gombeen Nation a hapless host for the marketing types' Chiquita campaign, going forward?

Or an art student who takes to the hills and paints bananas on the scenery?  As they do. 

Whatever the origin, it's nicely done, and a-peeling in its own way. 

Beats "Anto was here" in any case.

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DC3 said...

Is there not an attempt at a signature to the left of it GM?

An oh sooooh appropriately forlorn and isolated symbol for this Island...And that's all it is, a SYMBOL. This country was always a Z-lister. Time for reform has been and gone...Welcome to nowhere land populated with skangers and inbred smart ass dimwits, on a power trip. CORPORATE TAX HAVEN with attitude.

The Gombeen Man said...

@DC3. Rather than make things better when they thought they had loadsa money, they wasted any revenue they had on bullshit and gave more tax breaks to the rich.

The country was simply never fit for self-government, as the constructor of the road above would have agreed.

DB said...

Nice pic GM

DC3 said...

"gave more tax breaks to the rich" With virtually nothing in return. Thereby proving the rule. As happy as PIIGS in MUCK.

It was a cynical ploy orchestrated by corrupt banksters and politicians, hired and voted in by a complicit and dosile population.
Where the hell do you think these politicians and bankers come from?

Blame the Germans and the British all you want, as the Irish can never be wrong. Meeja and the faux intelligentsia says great CRAIC, soooh, great CRAIC it must be...Haaaapppy Cllllaaaapppy...

Seven years on from interest rate hikes and the population are still gawping at the mess.

"The country was simply never fit for self-government." Is that not the underlying problem GM?

New flag; a Banana flanked by a couple of brown envelopes.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ DB. Thanks. David Bailey wouldn't have had a chance!!

@ DC3. "New flag; a Banana flanked by a couple of brown envelopes."

Sounds like the perfect flag for our little nation, my friend.

The Gombeen Man said...

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Apologies to posters again, and please don't be put off!

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