Monday, 29 October 2012

Right Price - wrong spelling

Most of us are guilty of the odd typo now and then - anorak wearers have even spotted one or two on this illustrious blog over the years - but a ratio of 1/7?

Wasn't there a spell-checker availeable?

Snapped at Right Price Tiles, Fonthill, Clondalkin.

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pon'yboy said...

even more incideous is the "in store" americaffectation. Jesus - next thing they'll be holding their hands over their pioneer pins at the playing of the soldiers ditt'y. p'b

The Gombeen Man said...

@Ponyboy. Land of the free, and all that.

Here we have a free-for-all...

DC3 said...

Bit harsh GM :) What's even more surprising for me GM is a Tile Store selling a bit of the auld sod...

"Here we have a free-for-all." Yes GM and I'd also add that's it is that detestable combination of cutehoors paradise ad infinitum and fear.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ DC3. "What's even more surprising for me GM is a Tile Store selling a bit of the auld sod..." It seems the place has its uses after all, DC.


By the way, managed to retrieve all those mistakenly deleted comments via Google cache view. Cut and pasted them into the relevant posts. Cheers.

The Gombeen Man said...

Once again, I must apologise to readers for removing comments accidentally due to spam filtering.

This is a design fault with the Blogger platform, as it is so easy to do. Furthermore, once they are removed they cannot be recovered.

I have looked at ways to prevent this and will try to ensure it does not happen again.

Apologies to posters again, and please don't be put off!

Please feel free to repost.