Monday, 1 October 2012

The streets of Dublin - full of stupid, snarling scumbags

Working in town, and putting an evening shift in every third Sunday or so, you get a good picture of Dublin, especially at night.   And do you know what?  It's not a very nice place.  

In fact, Dublin is scary  on a weekend evening if you do not have a bellyful of beer to buoy you up and give you a false sense of security.  

I just popped out for a kebab around 8pm and the streets are full of roaring, snarling scumbags whose inarticulate utterances would embarrass a family of apes.  

The only people you will see on the streets who are endowed with any tint of a civilised demeanor are the foreign workers and the tourists.  And the occasional stunningly handsome gent picking his way over to Abrakebabra.  

It really looks as though evolution has kicked into reverse in Ireland, though that can't really be the case, can it?  More than likely, it is because the Irish continue to breed like promiscuous rabbits - as if the world actually needs any more of their leprous devilspawn.  

It is also because Ireland has an education system which fails to instil any real education, or any sense of civic responsibility, into many of the people who are processed by it. 

Rote learning continues, with large periods of time devoted to nonsense subjects such as religion and Gaeilge.   Many maths teachers are not qualified, and many graduates take bullshit arts subjects and their third-level participation is more a reflection of their privileged social background than any intellectual abilities.  

Then there are areas where people simply do not go to university - ever.   These people make up Ireland's very large underclass - undercaste might be a better word - who will never have the opportunity to break out of their sink estates and make something of their lives, so self-perpetuating is the cycle they are trapped in and so complete is their exclusion from sampling the fruits of middle-class Official Ireland, such as they are.

Then again, as a fifth-generation Dubliner (at least), my own parents were from tenements in the inner city, and lived in such unglamorous spots as Fatima Mansions and Sean McDermott street.  But they were not ignorant, and nor were they scumbags.  Real, old Dubliners - the likes of whom seem to have died out.

As some of you may know, I've had reason to make a few trips to Brussels in the past three months, and it is another world.   No roaring gangs of scumbags staggering the streets, hurling abuse at people.  Pavements unsullied by copious deposits of phlegm, vomit, and spat-out chewing gum.   Plentiful litter bins that are actually emptied by the authorities.   It is, as I said, another world.

I'm going to sound like a right old fart now, but what is it with this upcoming generation of loud, ignorant morons?   And it seems to be a cross-class thing as well - say it loud, they're ignorant and proud.   Maybe those thrashy American TV programmes like Jackass and so on, where the object of the participants seems to be to behave as loudly and obnoxiously as possible, are partly to blame?  Or is there a post-bubble factor, with a generation many of whom were used to being spoilt rotten by their credit-swamped parents? 

Empty vessels make the loudest noise and all that.  

And Dublin's lamplit streets are full of them. 

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Anonymous said...

Your blog advocates rejection of all things Irish but Dublin is a clear example of what you get if you do.

Dublin is Ireland most British city. If you want something more civilised you need to go west, to the heart of Celtic Ireland.


The Gombeen Man said...

Or Southampton, maybe?

It makes me laugh the number of prats who don't actually live in Ireland - but view it through their green-tinted nostalgia glasses - who are so keen on telling me what I should think about the country in which I live, work, pay taxes and suffer the idiocy of daily.

"Celtic Ireland" me arse. Go to any town in Ireland and you will see the same thing.

Try it on your next visit.

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh the number of prats who don't actually live in Britain - but view it through their blue-tinted nostalgia glasses - who are so keen on telling me what I should think about the country in which I live, work, pay taxes and suffer the idiocy of daily.


The Gombeen Man said...

Don't be such a plonker, for goodness sake. I am not blogging about Britain, your adopted your country - you are free set up such a blog if you desire.

I am blogging about the country in which I was born and which I live, which is Ireland.

Now go away, you're wasting my time with your bullshit..

DB said...

'Dublin is Ireland most British city. If you want something more civilised you need to go west, to the heart of Celtic Ireland."

Civilised? Ever heard of Padraig Flynn and his ever-elected dynasty of knackers? Jacky Healy Rae? Quite the diametrical opposite of civilised, I would contend.

Anyway, Dublin has been taken over by culchies, first, second and third generations - even outside the Civil Service.

Many, I presume from the pure Celtic West...

illuminati1111 said...

Your right on the money with this article. The country is full of scumbags and basically its turned into a kip. You are correct in that the education system instills no values. The education system is full of teachers who got jobs because they knew someone not because they were any good. yes there are good people there too but there are exceptions to every rule. Most of the education I received was as an illegal alien in America when I worked me arse off and kept my nose clean. I was considering moving to London for the summer months to pick up work and to get away from this kip for a while. It seems to be getting worse.

Dakota said...

"In fact, Dublin is scary on a weekend evening." GM, Dublin is SCARY, FULL STOP. A KIP.

@DB. Exactly, Dublin is traditionally recognised as a British City but Dublin's real problems are not British, they are Irish.

@Speculator, you have a point alright; there is a deference to many negative aspects of British trash Culture in Irish life. But there is a two-fold problem with your particular argument:

(1) The Celtic Tiger years were the Irish Elites chance to do something about poverty and all associated ills, in the Irish context. It did not.

(2) Yobbism is endemic all over Ireland: You can see it not only in Dublin but in all Irish Towns, to a lesser or greater extent. You can also "see" it, in many of the villages as well. Not to mention driving on the roads of Ireland, where you can actually sometimes physically sense, the threat or menace, in a given locality, or among other drivers (Does not matter what demographic it or they happen to be, or belong to).

The Gombeen Man said...

@ DB. Ah, the Flynnstones. Paragons of virtue and civility - and the hillbillies who vote for them. It might be civilised in comparison to the film "Deliverance", but that's about it.

@ illuminati. Thanks for your comment. Nepotism and cronyism is common in many "small" countries, and Ireland is particularly bad in my view. We don't have a meritocracy here, or any semblance of it. And teachers have jobs for life, regardless of how shit they are. I do believe it is getting worse here... quite a few readers of the blog are, or have recently, got out of the place.

@ Dakota. Yes, the ignorance and boorishness crosses every demographic. I suppose Ireland is very pluralistic in that sense...

Ponyboy said...

I live about as far away from Ireland as it's possible to and I sometimes wonder why that is. I've just spent a 'gap' year mainly in france and not once did i think that a visit to ireland wouldbe a good idea - i wonder why that was? I am a great fan of this blog despite my apparent disinterest in Ireland and I wonder sometimes why that is. I suspect it's because during the years i llived in ireland I never felt at home, never felt comfortable with the narrow parochialism. The religion particularly got me, the clergy - the power they had in small towns the likes of where i grew up and that dreadful overarching reluctance on anyones to challenge that particular power. People here love the Irish, love the accent, ask me if i can speak the language and to talk to them in Irish (Gaeilge) I can and I do - I actually really like the language but the misty dreamy looks it engenders in them just make me smile at the extent of the Celtic Con. An export diet of Guinness and leprachauns and fiddlers in every pub has become the reality for all these who hanker after a trip to that holy land. God help us who know the truth
Pony O Buachaill
ps - absolutely agree about getting Gaeilge off the curriculum as a must do subject

Ella said...

@Ponyboy - I never felt at home- I agree with you, even though I was born & raised there. Lived out of the place for about 16 years and went back in 1999, you know I'm still not really settled "home". Utopia doesn't exist, I know that from moving around but Ireland..really is the land of scumbags...

Phlegmington Peel said...

Regular oggler of the site, Gombeen. I tap into Ireland vicariously through your meanderings. Good stuff, the more exasperated you get, the more I nod my head in agreement. In the long adopted home of Prague, the cronyism and graft is the same just with different diacritic names. The place undulates undeniable beauty as many Irish attest to upon a visit. I've heard the brogue plea for "Mickey D's" instead of sampling local fare. Yet they do have to sort of riverdance it between the equally ubiqituous local puke-puddles and dogshit. Dublin is not alone... as indeed neither are you. Greetings!

Dakota said...

@Ponyboy, it's always refreshing when it's told as it is! THANKS.

@illuminati1111, "It seems to be getting worse." Completely agree.

The Gombeen Man said...

@Ella. Much the same experience myself, believe it or not. And my perception is also a high placing in the scumbag table for our little land.

@ Ponyboy. Probably the only thing you missed was a pint with meself. No black stuff, fiddlers or leprechauns tho!!!

@ Phlegmington Peel. Love the name! Thanks for being a regular oggler... I know yis are out there, and it's great to get a bit of feedback. Greetings to your good self! You watch those Prague puddles!

@ Dakota. I've no doubt about it. Worser and worser, just when you think it's not possible anymore.

Anonymous said...

Your description of night time Dublin sounds like most British cities, towns, even villages.

We don't have a lot of religious education in England, and certainly no Gaelic lessons, so I think there must be other causes of this drunken anti-social behaviour.

It may just be that Britain and Ireland are very similar in both good and bad ways - possibly we should go back to being a United Kingdom of Drunken Fools?

Dakota said...

Hi Anon 23:09 and you're British? No Irish Blood? You see Anon, one attribute about British culture is its honesty. Traditionally they were, and are, a fair race of people. With a large cohort of just decent, open, balanced, hard working people...

Despite that, you are right Anon, it has been destroyed over the last 20 years, by successive Governments pandering to big business. Addiction, consumption, exploitation of every aspect of society, and blatant acceptance of criminality etc, has won out. But despite that, there IS ONE BIG DIFFERENCE, BETWEEN IRELAND AND THE UK. THE BRITISH ARE INCLINED TO IDENTIFY AND FIX, THE IRISH ARE INCLINED TOWARDS CORRUPTION.

Also Anon, and while acknowledging that Britain always had a lot of scum (A DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER of them of IRISH STOCK BY THE WAY) the elite there were not as intertwined with the population as they are in Ireland...

If you are Irish and living in the UK, and you still think Ireland in 2012 is a good place to be...If you can't see and assimilate what Ireland is by now, there's NO hope for you. The Brits were right, the Unionists were, and ARE, right. End of. Ireland is CANCER ON A STICK, to anyone with more than one brain cell.

LOOK bottom line, the population did the dirty work for the Catholic Church and the elite in the past, they are doing it now. A land of COWARDS, HYPOCRITES, and BACK STABBING, CUT THROAT, CUTEHOOR MUCK.

Sccccch there's NO PROBLEM ON THE STREETS OF IRELAND...If you want a demographic comparison for the Irish, try a toilet bowl in Africa.

Anonymous said...

I have been living in Ireland for the last couple of years.
I like Dublin and I think Dublin could be one of nicest capitals in Europe, the music, the pubs, parks..
But those scumBags are really a problem here, if you travel to any capital in Europe, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome... You don't see that... Is the government doing anything instead of giving them money so they can get drunk? When my parents came to visit me here, they were really surprised about the amount of scumBags you see in the heart of the city...
The big mistake here is giving this people money and even houses for doing nothing, in other countries the unemployment pay is limited to two years, after that or you get nothing or you have to get a social work (like cleaning the streets) and they don't have that problem.

Alan Kennedy said...

I agree with you 100 per cent.The problem in Ireland is there are too many do gooders who seem to think that scumbags,who are a drain on society are "entitled" to a house,a wage,a benefit.

If the government did cut off their benefits tomorrow,there would be a revolution.
I suppose the only solution is to slowly erode their "benefits".....their "entitlements".
Benefits?????....entitlements????.......the best word for these people is...Parasites.
Sorry you had to experience these lowlife blood suckers.They are not the real Irish.

Anonymous said...

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