Sunday, 14 October 2012

Clew Bay Pipe Band - their part in Ireland's downfall.


1-6... it could nearly be a GAH score, except in this case you had to get the ball past a goalkeeper into a 17.86 metres space.  


I wonder what part the Clew Bay Pipe Band played in this debacle?    

 Pipes, whether the windblown or armpit perpetuated type, are intrinsically annoying instruments.   They were the only things that stopped the Romans from invading Jockland.  Fact.

 Just before the Ireland v Germany match started, you could see the Germans bristling as their national anthem was debased by the squawlings of the pipers.  

 Pipes, you see, don't seem to consider octaves.  Either they are within one register, or at the point  just north of where human ears mercifully give up, and dogs take over.   

I have never heard such a debased version of the German national anthem, nor the Irish one  -  but we are used to that kind of parody. 

The Germans aren't.  They were out for revenge, and justifiably got it.

Whatever about all that, if we are to progress as a (world) footballing nation, we need to get rid of Trapattoni.  He was well past his sell-by date, even when appointed. 

It will cost John Delaney, head of the FAI.

He might have to ask some questions of the the Clew Bay Pipe Band, or even more painfully,  take a cut in his overblown salary to pay Trap off.


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The Gombeen Man said...

Apologies to commenters.

Due to over-zealous spam filtering - and a state of extreme distraction on my part - I accidentally deleted comments from this post. And some of them were bloody good.

Unfortunately there appears to be no means for recovering unintentionally deleted comments on Blogger.

If anyone knows a way of getting deleted comments back through other means, please let me know.

Again, sincere apologies!

The Gombeen Man said...

RoyMcC said...
Here's the link GB, classic. You can almost hear the Germans thinking 'what tune's that then?'
14 October 2012 18:46
Anonymous said...
14 October 2012 21:29
Anonymous said...
14 October 2012 21:30
Anonymous said...
Hon da baiis.
14 October 2012 21:31
Anonymous said...
" They were the only things that stopped the Romans from invading Jockland. Fact."

Nope, not fact.

"...contrary to popular myth... the much-loved - and loathed - instrument, the Highland bagpipe was actually invented less than 200 years ago, primarily for urban audiences. And what's more, it was largely created using money from wealthy Scots emigres living in London."
15 October 2012 10:07

The Gombeen Man said...

The Gombeen Man said...
@ RoyMcC. Thanks for that Roy. I've included that link. As the guy says at the end, "the German national anthem as never heard before".

@ Hon da bais. You keep practising mate. On second thoughts... ;-)

@ Anon. Yes, was only messing with that "fact". So it's just a bit of invented "culture" then? Where have we come across that before.

Thanks for the link.
15 October 2012 10:28
Anonymous said...
Regarding bagpipes, there are clear images of them in "The Image of Irelande, with a Discoverie of Woodkarne" by John Derricke published in London in 1581 -- the images in the book are heavily based on the suppression of the Ó Módhra (O'Moores) of Laois. Along with covering other events during the time of Lord Deputy Sir Henry Sidney.
(pyper --dead in middle of image)

Here's Ruairí Óg Ó Mórdha himself --

"Rory Oge O'More hath the possession and settling-place in the Queen's County, whether the tenants will or no, as he occupieth what he listeth and wasteth what he will." -- Sir Henry Sidney

Of course I think what the guardian article is about is that the current version of the "pipes" as used in pipe-bands etc isn't equivalent to that of medieval pipes. One could say much the same for most cultural pursuits. I doubt modern Ballet is a carbon-copy of the original 15th/16th century dance for example.

15 October 2012 12:48
Anonymous said...
Personally speaking the Clew Bay Pipe Band played very well..... And they don't deserve that bad publicity.
15 October 2012 17:22
Dakota said...
"if we are to progress as a (world) footballing nation" Glad you bracketed that GM, thought you caught the delusion of grandeur virus.

"take a cut in his overblown salary to pay Trap off." Some chance of that GM, the FAI are such a pivotal organisation. And Oireland is an economic powerhouse:)

15 October 2012 19:01

The Gombeen Man said...

Anonymous said...
the pipe band were fantastic its no fault of theres that irelands football team only seem to shine under English leadership.
15 October 2012 21:02
Anonymous said...
Go lisa xxx
15 October 2012 22:25
Anonymous said...
Can u not hear the germans sing der hearts out..they loved the pipers..clew bay pipe band rocks.
15 October 2012 22:27
The Gombeen Man said...
Don't take it to heart. I'm only slagging.
15 October 2012 22:43
Anonymous said...
@ RoyMcC why not have the facts of what the germans think as you can see from this link over 33000 of them voted on it so your perspective of the germans reaction is about as factual as the rest of your posts.
16 October 2012 12:13
The Gombeen Man said...
33,000 Bild readers - the German equivalent of The Sun.

Even the fact that they have to ask the question "schoen oder shrecklich?" says a lot, as does

"Auch einige Nationalspieler schauten ein wenig irritiert."
16 October 2012 15:05
Anonymous said...
why do you try to sound educated for 30 seconds here and there whilst spending the rest or your life being a prat or gombeen as you call it. i think you would be great in the ragtrade if you could actually get a job.
even you should be able to understand 63% of 33740 people in germany liked the bagpipes you can pick bits and pieces that are negative out all day but thats the bottom line.
16 October 2012 17:11
The Gombeen Man said...
Rag trade? Sounding educated?

What the hell are you on about, you mad eejit?

The post was written tongue-in-cheek, but you are too dumb to detect that, it seems.

I wasn't writing about Bild readers'reaction to the bagpipes, but the reaction of the German players. Your Bild article picked up on it too, if you understood it.

Finally, if you don't like the blog, just go away, and stop annoying the rest of us with your displays of gobshitish half-wittedness.
16 October 2012 17:31
Anonymous said...
if you use your eyes and actually watch the full footage you will see 3 of the german players go out of there way to tell the band they liked it. now thats a fact just like 63% of the people who voted liked it is a fact you seem to miss and by the way as you are trying to speak the queens english eejit isnt a word. by the way great blog picking on kids what will you do for your next stunt i hate to think, congrats mr gombeen!!!
16 October 2012 18:39
Dakota said...
"i think you would be great in the ragtrade if you could actually get a job." Irelands a fascinating country.

16 October 2012 19:01
The Gombeen Man said...
@ Dakota. What is this gobshite on? Is he about 12 or something?

@ Gobshite. Oxford English Dictionary eejit = idiot. It is, indeed, a word.

And while you are being picky with words, let me correct you on your "3 of the german players go out of there way". The correct word in this context is "their".

Now go and piss off to your bedroom and divert yourself with your Playstation. Or whatever else you do up there.

Stop wasting our time with your stupid comments.
16 October 2012 20:25
Dakota said...
Anon is a frustrated bagpipe fan GM.
16 October 2012 21:02

The Gombeen Man said...

DB said...
@ GM and Dakota. I have heard it said that the sound of the bagpipes can drive one - literally - mad.

Our hysterical, and not very literate, friend is proof positive.
16 October 2012 22:58
Pynoybo said...
yeah - the rag trade would be perfect for you GM. I can see a nice line in GOMBEEN label kilts (and in fairness and for reparation you really will have to send a batch of them to the pipers of clew bay(who were bloody good an' all)) and some nice cawbeens would complete the initial Bogman Spring Collection from Maison Gombien with shamrocks emblazoned on there (oops) peaks, you know for wear around the corridors of power in Leinster House. I'll be sending some helium emergency packs to Anon with the bad spelling;)
16 October 2012 23:03
Ella said...
Breaking my shite here laughing DB, DAKOTA, GM and PYNOYBO, thanks, but a real big thanks to ANON!!!
17 October 2012 08:35
The Gombeen Man said...
@ Dakota, DB, Pnybuy (did I spell that correctly?), Ella.

I'm amazed at the some of the reaction to this. I thought it was obvious I was only having a laugh on this one. There really are some po-faced farts out there.

Back to my sewing machine...
17 October 2012 22:31

The Gombeen Man said...

As you can all see, I found a cached record of the original comments on this post that I had deleted by mistake. I've had to cut and paste them in a few times, but there were 25 comments at that point.

Sorry I messed up, but at least we can seem again now.

Lily said...

I'm in the pipe band and I just wanna say we worked realy hard and you should shut your gob cause you're a gombeen!