Monday, 14 January 2013

RTE presenters' mistakes. No news really.

Who says that RTE doesn't do comedy well?  

It's just that the taxpayer-funded (and advertiser-funded) organisation  does its best comedy when you least expect it.  The News, for instance. 

Witness two classic clips below, both of which might have stretched the imaginations of Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan, the writers of Father Ted. 

 Aengus Mac Grianna, the presenter in question laughed off his bloopers, saying it was good that the Irish national broadcaster had picked up so many hits on You Tube when these videos went viral.   

Thing is, Aengus, they are more likely laughing at you, not with you.

Then you have the petulance of overpaid, prima-donna mediocrities such as Pat Kenny, who threw a hissy fit when a competition entrant had the temerity to offer part of her prize  - a seat at RTE's execrable Toy Show - up for raffle, rather than attend in person.   

Ah yes.   Isn't your RTE Licence Fee well worth you forking out €160 a year for, to keep such top talent in extravagantly-paid employment? 

Not that you have any choice.

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DC3 said...

TV TAX at €160 is way too expensive.

The Gombeen Man said...

Even worse, DC3, it's an RTE tax. For fine programmes such as Celebrity Chefs/Jigs and Reels/Bannisters, and other such utter shite.

I'd shut down RTE in the morning. I don't trust State TV at the best of times... some of its greatest enthusiasts have included the likes of Dr Goebbels and Uncle Joe Stalin.

I'm not saying RTE's public misinformation role since its foundation has been quite as bad as Wochenschau or the Pravda equivalent, but...

Mind you, at least Wochenschau didn't have Pat Kenny in the anchor role.

DC3 said...

Yes GM at the very least RTE has not served purpose over the last few years of the "Great Recession."

...They must have a 2 year old scheduling programming. It wouldn't be Irish if it didn't pick up the worst aspects of TV from across the water.

Ponthenasia said...

ah jaysus GM - I remember Pat Kenny when he took over the Late Late (it was him wasn't it?) as a fresh faced (admittedly shallow replacement for Gaybo, although come to think of it he hadn't a lot more depth to him than a canal skiff). Anyways - you don't seriously mean to tell me that he is still on the go after - it must be almost thirty years now. there's heaps of green pasture fields in ireland - put him in one. oh and give the knackerman the GPS location.

The Gombeen Man said...

He's still with us alright, P. More's the pity...

Anonymous said...

TV "tax" ???

More a protection racket really.

JOE SOAP said...

You may shutdown RTE in the morning Gombeen Man but a private interest, national or international, would buy and run the national broadcaster instead; one that likely has or would have the government in its pocket, just like Italy and the US. No oversight.

Better the devil you know.