Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kerry publican councillors vote for drink-driving permits

In a country where one gombeen can often only be distinguished from another by the pattern on his flat cap, the following piece from the Irish Examiner should not come as too big a surprise to us..  

In short, the gombeen publican councillors of Kerry voting for special drink 'n' drive permits for their rural constituents/customers.

And no, it's not a joke.

Councillors back rural drink-drive ‘permits’
Donal Hickey,  Irish Examiner, Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A local authority has backed a call for "gardaí permits" to be issued to allow rural dwellers have a drink or two above the legal limits.

Kerry County Council approved a motion to allow "less severe drink driving regulations" for people in rural areas. 

The drink-drive limit is 50mg for all drivers and 20mg for learner or newly qualified drivers. 

However, the council supported a call for rural gardaí to issue permits to allow people in rural areas drive on little-used roads from their local pub after having "two or three drinks" and travelling at very low speeds. 

The motion, put forward by Independent councillor Danny Healy-Rae, was narrowly passed by elected members, although quite a number of councillors abstained. 

The councillor asked for "a special derogation" for rural drivers, including drivers of small tractors, to allow them to have two or three drinks. 

Mr Healy-Rae called for legislation which would allow rural gardaí to issue such permits. 

The councillor, who is a Kilgarvan publican, was supported by other publicans/councillors at the meeting, who insisted they were not acting as vested interests but out of genuine concern for elderly rural dwellers. 

The meeting heard strict drink-driving laws were leading to isolation which, in some cases, was a factor in suicide, said Mr Healy-Rae. 

It was unfair, he said, to impose the same restrictions on fellows with small tractors and jeeps as on commercial lorry drivers. 

"These vehicles wouldn’t be exceeding 30km/h on third-class tertiary roads and cul-de-sacs," Mr Healy-Rae said. 

"There’s no reason a fellow could not drive his small tractor to collect his messages, have a few drinks and go away home." 

Gardaí — if any were to be left in rural areas — would manage the permits, he suggested. 

Fine Gael’s Bobby O’Connell, a Castleisland publican, strongly supported the motion. 

"Rural isolation is a big problem. People are afraid to go out," he said. 

Fianna Fáil councillor and Milltown publican Michael O’Shea agreed, as did Michael Cahill, a Rossbeigh licensee and councillor. 

But Labour’s Gillian Wharton Slattery strongly objected to the linking of suicide with not being able to drink. 

Alcohol and drugs were huge factors in depression which, in turn, contributed to suicide, she stated. 

Most of the councillors abstained in the vote. 

Council officials are now to write to the Department of Justice seeking the introduction of rural permits.

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Pony-hic-boy said...

A three ton tractor bombin' down a tertiary road at 30 driven by a pig farmer with three sheets to the wind at three in the morning with three times the legal limit - shure how could that pose a threat to anyone?

The Gombeen Man said...

Ah shure, it's grand! See permit here:

Gunny Hunny said...

I didn't think that my contempt for Irish Gombeens could get any stronger, but it just has. The "needy" and "financially squeezed"publicans of Ireland who get fat on alcohol abuse, alcoholism and social dysfunction (and who view their booze hound customers with contempt) have hit rock bottom and have kept on digging. There would be some justice if the first of the victims of their heroic drunk drivers were family members of the gombeen publicans; watch them flailing about to blame anyone but their money grubbing selves if that were to transpire.

Ella said...

Hi GM, the upright residents of Kerry elected Healy Rae. As long as people in Ireland continue to vote for people like him, these democratically elected officials (be they councillors or TDs) will continue to embarrass the rest of us with this and similar nonsense

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Gunny Hunny. The most privileged in Ireland are always the best practised at putting on the poor mouth, unfortunately. Sad, but true, isn't it?

@ Ella. Yes, people often lose sight of that. The "ordinary people of Ireland" vote these specimens into power.

Tripepolice said...

Ah Yes Another Hair brained scheme to get a few people to spend what money they have left on drink. After they tax the hell out of you they want to take the rest of it off you in the pub. People driving around poleaxed with special permits to cause mayhem. You couldnt make this shit up.

ANNA said...

There would be some justice if the first of the victims of their heroic drunk drivers were family members of the gombeen publicans; watch them flailing about to blame anyone but their money grubbing selves if that were to transpire.- TOTALLY AGREE