Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Darndale horse and other scumbag sacrifices

Imagine my surprise whilst recently walking down nearby Navan Road, I spotted what looked like a dismembered horse's head placed on a gaudily attired human body (left).

I thought it might be the latest instance of Dublin's many scumbags torturing and killing sentient beings for their amusement. You know... because there's nothing else to do, like. See previous post's comment section.

Thankfully, it wasn't – just a rather unusual advert for Kitchenwise (right).  But back to serious matters.

My perception of urban animal cruelty is that it occurs mainly in "working class" areas - though many such areas contained a high "unemployed" cohort even during the boom, when there was near full employment in most other places.

There have been other instances of animal – not to mention people – cruelty covered on this blog at Smithfield, Finglas and Donaghmede. Now we have Darndale.

My own parents were working class inner-city Dubliners of many generations. The Ma having been brought up in York Street, Charlotte Street, Fatima Mansions and Crumlin. The Ol'fella Pearse Street and Sean McDermott Street. But scumbags they were not - and nor where most of their contemporaries, as far as I could gather. So where has all this come from?

Is it because people have been encouraged to pop 'em out in our "republic" for much of its history (remember contraceptives were effectively banned up until relatively recently) with little  thought for following up the feat with parenting?  

Is it because we are ruled by a gombeen political class that has set the bar for the whole country?  Or because we have an education system based on rote learning and conceived only to peddle bullshit and perpetuate existing class divisions?  One that is happy to see large sections of our population leave school early and illiterate, while the usual select goes off to Uni? 

Has each ignorant, brutalised generation just become worse with every subsequent manifestation?   The case of the horse having its ears lopped off and intestines ripped out just the latest expression?

We seem to have a lot of "this sort of thing" in Ireland when you consider our relatively small population per square metre. It's been bad as long as I can remember but, incredibly, it seems to be getting even worse.

It doesn't augur well for the future, does it?

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Nenad said...

Hi GM! I totally agree about the "sterilisation programme"-thing. Actually the topic-comments speak out of my heart! We live in an area full of travellers. Since we moved here two years ago, I've never seen so much shit going on since we moved to Ireland! I could tell stories (and I already did in my blog) about their dogs and horses, about the shit they dump over their walls, how they destroy everything, I could in fact write a book about it! These people are repruducing like rodents. I'm sorry comparing them to rodents because rodents are intelligent beings. Let me put it this way: those fuckers taught me, that animals are better than humans! I could never kill an animal just like that but I tell you another thing: give me a gun and show me the scumbags who killed the horse and I believe I could kill them without blinking! I'm totally serious about what I'm saying here and people can call me a right-wing or a racist, I don't give a shit because I know I'm not.

anna said...

cruelty to animals is a Sure sign of the Most serious mental problems- a tell tale sign- and I think I read some of the worst killers started off young- on animals.Violence is just another part of mental distress/ incompetent maturity/ social skills/ lack of education. So travellers have some of the worst mental problems, violence and longevity in the country- if not in EU. I'm not saying Don't blame the people- but you can Equally blame a Govt that never cared that it continually allows an underclass to Expand- and just leaves them to their dreadful social problems-my friends in NI say every time they come down they never saw so many people Off their heads- and the Violence- 2 old men in west of Ireland the latest- evne if these peopel get help mentla services are Woefully inadequate.

The Gombeen Man said...

Hi Ned. Don't think I'd be able to show any more restraint that you for whoever did it. And they are out there walking around somewhere... scary.
I think a couple of days in Ireland would have got Gandhi going. It's that kind of place, with scumbags represented at every level of society.

Hi Anna. Ireland's social problems just keep on burgeoning, and the ruling class care not a whit, as they are insulated from it all in their golden bubbles.

Anonymous said...

Dey pops 'em out in our "republic" cos dey needs de Mickie Muny fur fags n booze ...

DC3 said...

Kundera put it well: "Mankind's true moral test, its fundamental test (which lies deeply buried from view), consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect mankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.

The Irish, and that's every so called "class," is beyond apathetic and feckless. It has a nasty and callous streak a mile wide. The "incident" in Darndale demonstrates where TRUST is at in Ireland.

Bulwark said...

Hey GM,

I see you're struggling with the same question I had a few months ago.

I met up with a friend who has similar views to Ireland as I do (we don't agree on anything else mind you). He lived abroad for most of his adult life, and nearing retirement he was homesick, just wanted to come back home, buy a house, and settle for good. What he found was an epic sh!th0le of a country that he just couldn't stand anymore to be in. The horror stories of his reinsertion back into Ireland, this man could whip them out at any moment and they're both funny and depressing at the same time. He's busy planning his escape (Latin America) but for now, he's doing what I know too well: biding his time.

His impression of the whole thing is that people were just as rotten back then, it's just the experience of living overseas that has taught him another way of living and of seeing things. Like, for example, it isn't normal to start fires to then attack the firefighters, those people are godly heroes pretty much everywhere else. So basically, what I think, is that it is indeed rotten, no doubt, but that we tend to idealise the past when in reality things were not that rosy and that you probably had more skangers around you than you today realise. Just a theory anyway. I've noticed that the only normal Irish people in Ireland tend to overwhelmingly people that have lived overseas for some time. What that says about Irish society... is perhaps better not said.

Regarding sterilisation, I'm afraid that will not work, since the problem is not one rotten apple to be extirpated. It's at all levels, everywhere, from a working class that never works, to ruling class that has the breeding but none of the talent or intelligence to rule competently, to a sheepish middle class that doesn't have the guts to keep the ruling class honest and prefers to buy the lie that "Ireland kicks above its weight".

For treatment to work, the patient has to recognise that there is a problem. However the patient is in denial and believes himself to be the best in the world and the only problems come from the Americans (Cowen saying the recession was a foreign one from America and that the Irish economy was sound), the Germans (pretty much the only ones righting the sinking Irish ship) or the British for those damn 800 years (apparently 100 years is not enough to get over it or fix it already... unless if it's because you're still waiting for that Irish plumber to show up). It's always someone else.

To me, if anything is to change in Ireland, it has to come from within. Your blog is a testimony to everything that is wrong with Ireland. People have to acknowledge this like grown ups and make hard decisions about who we want to be... which of course will NEVER happen. Even in the wake of the Anglo Tapes, Michael D Higgins has to say their content is not representative of the Irish people. FFS if ANYTHING is representative it's those tapes. Denialism to the core means things will never change.


Nenad said...

Hi Bulwark! You're spot on right with what you've said. Denial - drink - singosng - more denial - drink - singsong ... the only difference now: it's been done at home. Pubs are to expensive, the smoking-ban, traffic-controls (except for maybe in Kerry) etc.

Nenad said...

A hunter in Germany killed a dog near a sport-field. He shot the dog two times, while the owners where standing closeby and the dog tried to run to them. After the dog is dead the hunter yelled at the owners demanding them to burry their dog right there and then. This guy is well known for his brutality, his joy for killing and still walks free!

Another man is jailed in a mental institution for seven years now. His name is Gustl Mollath and he was acused by his wife of beating her. Truth is: he uncovered tax-fraud practised by his wife and her associates of Commerzbank. Therefore she acused him, bribed some people and they put him into mental custody. High profile personalities are involved in this case. That's why he's still locked up and wont get out of there so soon.

What I'm trying to say: Germany is fucked as much as Ireland. The only difference is, living standarts in Germany are higher.

DC3 said...

"He shot the dog two times, while the owners where standing closeby and the dog tried to run to them." SCUM IS SCUM IS SCUM, does not matter one jot, the nationality.

Nenad, (hi there by the way) the problem with Ireland is, there is so much of it around. Germany, France, the UK, and the U.S. for all their faults - and thay have many! - do not have a culture whereby it excuses and celebrates out and out scum. An activity which does nothing but make it overtly easy for a ruling elite to herd the cattle. Ireland and especially the large "cities" are DANGEROUS, in every sense of the word.

Nenad said...

Hi DC3, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Any kind of cruelty inflicted on sentient life is a moral abomination. However, the most egregious offenders are found in the corporate sector, where highly educated engineers and business managers specialize in the wholesale
slaughter of animals in the cheapest and most efficient way. That's not to mention the endless, and often pointless experiments conducted on animals by various industries, and the enormous sums of money accumulated by the breeders who provide the 'raw material.'